Work integrated learning (WIL)

UC has courses that offer work experience which can include internships, projects, field work and clinical placements. All of these are supported by the University if they are part of a course.

The definition of WIL is:

1.       Students will engage with a stakeholder(s) to enhance and develop their skills and knowledge as part of their course and degree.

2.       Students will connect and reflect on the content of the course and their engagement through some type of formal assessment worth at least 25% of their final course grade.

3.       Some aspect of the students’ work will be intended to be useable by the stakeholder.


Benefits of WIL 

There are many benefits for academics who are prepared to extend themselves and teach WIL. Not only will you be cutting edge in your field, but there are far reaching benefits that include:

  • Increased community engagement
  • Increased communication with government and industry
  • Opportunities for curriculum enhancement with applied content
  • Enhanced student education, satisfaction and engagement
  • Enhanced student recruitment

UC support for WIL

Health and safety

Our health, safety and wellbing team can help you if you have concerns about your safety while on WIL and you can contact them here .

Check the details on our health and safety video.

Visit our WIL LEARN page to test your student's knowledge with our health and safety quiz


WIL resources

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Still need help? 

Contact Megan at UC Careers if you have any WIL questions or comments

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