Career Seminars 

Our seminars can be customised and delivered within an academic programme to meet the needs of your students. The seminars are designed to increase career readiness by developing students' abilities in articulating their skills, knowledge and strengths.

CV, cover letter and job applications Assists students in understanding the importance of a CV, essential elements to include in a CV, and how to target a CV and cover letter to specific vacancies.
LinkedIn How to build and maintain a professional LinkedIn profile. Students will understand how to leverage LinkedIn as a tool for personal brand, network with industry and search for jobs.
How to find a job Strategies and tools to search for jobs in different job markets
Interviews Understand the different types of interviews, what employers look for, and how to prepare best and answer interview questions.
Psychometric testing & Assessment centres Explore the different types of psychometric testing, what typically occurs at an assessment centre, and how to best practice for both 
Personal brand Assists students in understanding themselves, their strengths, how to articulate their skills and introduce themselves professionally.
Social and professional networking Encourages students to develop and utilise networking skills and actively participate in activities and events to maximise their chance of discovering opportunities of interest.
Employment agreements & negotiating salary Students will learn techniques to help negotiate a salary offer with an employer

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