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We welcome collaboration for career development learning with academics and departments.

Our team offers customised seminars and digital resources delivered within an academic programme to meet the needs of your students. This includes tailored career readiness activities, assessments, workshops, online tutorials, and interactive tools to develop career management competencies.

The evidence of Career Development Learning (CDL) embedded in academic learning has positively impacted graduate employability in both short-term employment and life-longwise senses.

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"Dave and Nell have been great! They provided the class with materials to get us started with CVs and cover letters and then helped the students workshop their CVs, providing some really useful tips as they went. In addition, they mentioned the drop-in session they were holding before the assignment was due and students attended that session for further assistance. Dave sent me some incredibly useful rubrics for helping me assess the assignment that students completed, which will really help the students understand where they have presented their skills well and how they might better tailor both their CVs and cover letters."

- Heather Wolffram, Head of Department (History)

"That was a great LinkedIn workshop. Many thanks indeed Sahar. Students want this knowledge and I think PACE courses are a great spot to have your input – so informative  - but non-threatening too. Really really good. Let’s keep talking for the future" 

- Clare Murray, Director | Work Integrated Learning

"I, for one, am definitely a newbie when it comes to LinkedIn, so having the opportunity to learn from you, and from the tutorial has been very valuable for me, and I know was for the students as well." 

- Anne Horton, Lecturer | College of Arts

"Dave did a great job giving our students an overview of the career paths science graduates tend to take after graduation and how to go about approaching prospective employers. Thanks, Dave!"

Dr Rodrigo Martinez Gazoni, Post Doctoral Fellow | College of Science

"The careers presentation was especially helpful to those struggling in their job hunting. Many students were at a standstill in their progress, and your talk provided much-needed help. Judging from the comments of those who attended, the workshop was very successful. Thanks again for sharing your time and experiences with us"

- Ruofan Huang, UC Chinese Students and Scholars Society

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