The aim of the Canterbury Roll Project is to produce a high-quality edition of the Roll that can be used for a range of research and teaching purposes. This page lists key updates made to the Digital Edition and its supporting site in the periods between the completion of each stage.

The concept is for a project that provides opportunities for teaching as much as for research. A key distinction from a “traditional” transcription/translation is that while each stage of the project is subject to peer review, the stages are not considered to be definitive versions in the manner of a print edition, which becomes “locked” on publication. A digital approach enables the team to respond to ongoing peer review over the lifetime of the project with the ultimate objective of creating a better resource. The project team welcomes corrections and criticism, which should be submitted via the General Editor.

The tables below include corrections to the transcription, translation, and supporting materials. Updates are made on a monthly basis. Amendments that relate to the functionality of the resource but which do not result in substantive changes to the text are not included.

All proposed modifications are reviewed by the General Editor and the project team, who reserve the right to reject or modify any suggestions received. Modifications will be credited to those who propose them unless otherwise requested. Proposals for major changes will be reviewed by an Editorial Advisory Panel for potential incorporation at the next stage of the project.

Transcription Updates

Location Update Date Attribution
CRC001 Palestonia→Palestina 1-02-2018 Alexandra Barratt
CRC001 scilicet→silicet 1-02-2018 Alexandra Barratt
CRC001 Hiberia→Hibernia 1-02-2018; 25-10-18 Alexandra Barratt/ Project Team
CRC001 Creftus→Cretus 1-02-2018 Alexandra Barratt
CRC014 Philstinorum→Philistinorum 1-02-2018 Alexandra Barratt
CRC014 Agaric→Agarie 1-02-2018 Alexandra Barratt/Project Team
CRC014 Cornieo→Corineo (with corrected note) 1-02-2018 Alexandra Barratt/Project Team
CRC014 rego→rege (with explantory note) 1-02-2018 Alexandra Barratt/Project Team
CRC014 domitis→deuictis (with explanatory note) 1-02-2018 Alexandra Barratt/Project Team
CRC068 Vortigerus: Revised explanatory note 25-10-2018 Project Team
CRC121 Lewilius→Lewilinus 1-02-2018 Alexandra Barratt
CRC121 transgressone→transgressione 1-02-2018 Alexandra Barratt
CRC121 suius→suis 1-02-2018 Alexandra Barratt
CRC121 per venit→provenit 1-02-2018 Alexandra Barratt/Project Team
CRC121 Note: regula→regulam 1-02-2018 Alexandra Barratt/Project Team
CRN588 durand→ducissa 1-02-2018 Alexandra Barratt
CRN589 Scribal hand corrected (regnal years): Roman Numerals Scribe→Margaret of Burgundy Scribe 1-04-2018 Project Team
CRC018 et 20 filias.→et 30 filias. 27-08-2019 Anna Dobbie
CRC066 Jerosolomitani. Scilicet, in medio→Jerosolomitani scilicet in medio 27-04-2021 Jayson Boon


Translation Updates

Location Update Date Attribution
CRN222 Enniaunus→Ennianus 1-02-2018 Project Team
CRC068 Vortimer: Revised explanatory note 25-10-2018 Project Team
CRC102 Earl Thored, earl of Northumbria→Earl Thored 25-10-2018 Project Team
CRC102 Insertion of missing line: After he died a sudden death, his son Cnut was elected king 25-10-2018 Project Team
CRC113 his brother→Robert, his brother, 25-10-2018 Project Team
CRC121 feast of light→feast of St Lucia (with removal of note) 25-10-2018 Project Team
CRC069 Vortigern→Vortimer 9-05-2019 Project Team
CRC123 king of Castile and Leon→king of Castile and León 20-06-2019 Project Team
CRC044 Missing text added: It is because of this that the people of that same place and land, by necessity, made for themselves a virtue of waging war so that, ejected from their native land, they might claim foreign settlements just as the Vandals took Africa, the Lombards Italy, and the Normans Gaul. 20-06-2019 Project Team
CRN144 Eynann Yrth→Eynann 20-06-2019 Project Team
CRC068 This Vortigern, having summoned Constans, then a monk, had him marked with a crown, and after a time he had him killed by a Pict and usurped the royal crown for himself.→This Vortigern, having summoned Constans, then a monk, made him [king] with a crown. Having honoured him, after a time he had him killed in London by a Pict and usurped the royal crown for himself. 20-06-2019 Project Team
CRC018 and twenty daughters→and thirty daughters 27-08-2019 Anna Dobbie
CRC066 Jerusalemites. Thus then in the middle region are→Jerusalemites, that is in the middle region; then are 27-04-2021 Jayson Boon
CRC066 Austrasia and India→Austrius [and] India 27-04-2021 Jayson Boon


Other Updates

Location Update Date Attribution
Wars of the Roses "married Richard's sister" → "married Richard's niece" 1-02-2018 Ralph Lancaster

Note added to the words “Austrius” (Latin) “Austrius [and]” (English): The Latin should read “austro Indei” (i.e. southern India); the scribe has mis-transcribed his source as “Austrius”. See Jayson Boon. "An Exercise in the Obscure: How History is Constructed on the Canterbury Roll." Masters diss., University of Canterbury, 2021, p. 100.

27-04-2021 Jayson Boon



Page last updated: 27 April 2021

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