The Canterbury Roll has been part of the holdings of the University of Canterbury Library since 1918 (when the University was still known as Canterbury College).

The Roll originated in 15th-century England. It was created at the beginning of Henry VI's reign, between 1429 and 1433. It was subsequently modified by at least three separate hands during the Wars of the Roses. Its fate after 1485 remains unclear.

Wars of the Roses

An introduction to the Wars of the Roses and the scribe who first produced the Canterbury Roll

Roman Numerals Scribe

Between 1433 and 1461, an unknown scribe revised the Indo-Arabic notation used by the original Lancastrian Scribe

Latin & Illumination

An introduction to the language in which the Roll is written and its decorative elements

Noble Origins?

The insertion of certain powerful noble families into the Roll – such as the Nevilles and Beauforts – suggest the involvement of the nobility in its creation

Yorkist Revision

An outline of modifications made after 1461 that changed the nature of the Canterbury Roll from a Lancastrian to a Yorkist document