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Please note that value-added registrations are due in November of each year.

BASE7 for Year 7 Students

BASE9 for Year 9 Students

VA-10 for Year 10 Students (On-line Assessment)

More information about Value-added assessments.

BASE11 for Year 11 Students

More information about BASE11.

VA-7 for Year 7 Students (On-line Assessment)

VA-9 for Year 9 Students (On-line Assessment)

VA-12 and VA-13 (Value-added reporting for Year 12 and Year 13)

More information about VA-12 and VA-13.

PIPS for New Entrants (No longer available) Look out for new assessment to be launched during 2021!

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Year 7 entrance tests

Year 9 entrance tests

SAES for Years 7-10

SAES for Years 11-13

More information about SAES.

TAES teacher survey

More information about TAES.

Kiwi competitions for English, maths and science


For more information about Kiwi Competitions and to Register Now