PIPS - Performance Indicators in Primary Schools

PIPS measures the progress of a 5-year-old new entrant over their first 12 months of school. PIPS provides a profile of a child's strengths and weaknesses to help plan appropriate learning experiences. It is an early indicator of special educational needs and can monitor progress made over the first year at school. It helps answer the questions:

  • What do children know when they start school?
  • What is the progress made in the first year?
  • How effective is my school programme compared to other schools?

The start of year assessment is conducted within the first two weeks of the new entrant beginning school.

See the PIPS sample questions page to view a selection of questions from the reading, maths and phonics sections.

Comprehensive online feedback is provided which shows the progress of the student relative to other students throughout New Zealand.

PIPS feedback examples

View examples of PIPS feedback from Aotearoa College

PIPS prices

A non-refundable deposit of $195 +GST is required for 22 or more students. The non-refundable deposit for fewer than 22 students is 70% of the cost for the registered number. For example, for 8 registered students $70.00 + GST will be required as a non-refundable deposit. The deposit will be deducted from the final invoice.

Costs cover both initial baseline and value-added assessments.

Please note that prices are GST exclusive.

Number of new entrantsCohort feePrice per student
1 - 25 n/a $12.50
26 - 49 $30 $11.20
50 - 79 $90 $9.80
80 or more $146 $9.00