Student Attitude Information System (SAES) for Years 7-10

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SAES (7-10) surveys students to identify school-wide trends that have an impact on student achievement and engagement. This can inform the evidence-based decision making for the improvement of teaching and learning.

SAES (7-10) assesses students' attitudes to:

  • School life.
  • School lessons.
  • Future aspirations.
  • Home and family life.
  • Cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs.
  • Personal or traumatic events in the past 12 months that affected school work.
  • Bullying and places where students feel unsafe.
  • Peer attitudes.

SAES results

Feedback is given in the form of a table of the number of responses and percentages per question.

Interpreting the graph

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SAES survey feedback examples

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SAES prices

$4.75 per student per year group.

Please note that prices are exclusive of GST.