Piumini Bowatte and MGMT228 students

International experience is an excellent complement to business study. The UC Business School | Te Kura Umanga and clubs such as Global China Connection offer you a number of options to make overseas links.

International exchange programmes

The UC Exchange Programme allows students to study for one or two semesters at an overseas university. Courses taken at an international partner institution may be credited towards your UC degree.

Why go on an international exchange?

  • Meet like-minded people and make lifelong friends
  • Experience a different culture and improve your foreign language skills
  • Become exposed to different teaching styles to enhance your learning
  • An international exchange will look great on your CV
  • It is a life-changing experience that will benefit your personal and professional development.

UC has over 60 partner universities around the world. Most of these are open to Bachelor of Commerce students. Our Commerce partners were chosen because they offer:

  • a great selection of courses in a wide range of Commerce subjects
  • courses in English, so you will be able to study with limited or no knowledge of the local language.

For more information about Commerce exchanges, please visit

Piumini Bowatte

Piumini Bowatte

Studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance

"There are so many international opportunities at UC. If you want to go somewhere for five weeks, you can do an internship or a course. If you want to go for longer you can do an exchange. There are 60 different countries you can go to because UC has so many partner universities to choose from. Wherever you want to go, there’s an opportunity for you. Going to China, I made thirty new friends in five weeks. Those are connections for my future. It also gave me the courage to get out and explore. I loved being exposed to a new culture, new values, and new approaches to business. I’ve got a new passion now – I want to see the world!"