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Innovation and entrepreneurship are integral to the success of Aotearoa New Zealand businesses in today’s competitive, global marketplace. We provide students with opportunities to test entrepreneurial ideas in a safe environment.

Future-focused graduate

Organisations need graduates who can help take ideas from a simple concept, through to development, manufacture and production, and marketing to customers. BCom graduates will be employable, innovative and enterprising as a core part of their degree.

Innovation and enterprise

The UC Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE) Pokapū Rakahinonga is a dedicated, student-focused space where ideas and innovation can flourish. UCE hosts guest speakers, lectures and seminars, competitions, and incubator programmes for growing business ideas and start-ups. Home to student clubs entré and 180 Degrees Consulting, UCE can help you help you gain all-round business skills to take out into the world.


Try out your own ideas

At UC you have opportunities to develop your innovative thinking and entrepreneurial skills, starting with entré. This student-run company inspires you to excel in the business world and test your product ideas with the help of mentors and business connections.

The UC Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE) builds creative and entrepreneurial capability for professional roles, founding your own start-up, or establishing a socially focused project.

Tom Mackintosh

Tom Mackintosh

Studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance

"With a UC Commerce degree,you can apply what you learn in class to any business venture you might have. There’s also a strong mentor program and facilities at the Centre for Entrepreneurship. They teach you everything you need to know to get your business idea of the ground, from pitching and public speaking to investment and IP. Incubator is part of the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship. It’s a space where they nurture students’ business plans and ideas. They have mentors, programmes, workshops and lectures to help you get your venture up and running."