Digital integration

Henry Lane and Nelly Todorova

Become tech savvy and develop your understanding of technology’s role in creating value and revolutionising the way consumers behave and how organisations operate more effectively using digital tools.

Prepare for a new future

We live in a highly digital world with social media, online shopping and services on-demand. So much of our lives will evolve considerably as new technologies are developed and integrated into our daily activities. Courses such as business intelligence, internet technologies, and data analytics help prepare our students for jobs that didn’t even exist 20 years ago.

Bridging the business technology divide

At UC, we bring technology and business closer together. No matter what subject you specialise in, you’ll need an understanding of data and analytical skills. Studying business at UC is about asking the big questions – how can we use technology and data to improve our organisation? How can consumers and producers improve their connections and experiences in a digital environment?

Revolutionise the way we work and live

Changes in technology are revolutionising industry and how we interact. The domain of Big Data is a growing field in business and provides huge opportunities for businesses — from developing marketing campaigns based on a person’s location and shopping preferences to transforming industries like healthcare and insurance. It’s an exciting time to be in business!

Henry Lane

Henry Lane

Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems
CEO, Corvecto
Executive Director, EPIC

"Content is great – but make sure you’re focused on “learning how to learn” throughout the tertiaryexperience. At UC, I found the courses and lecturers to be excellent but it’s the cumulative experience that’s helped me get where I am today, rather than any
single part."