Why UC Business

The dynamic nature of business means people and organisations are constantly changing. The highly digital world that we live in – with social media, live streaming and
big data – will evolve considerably as new technologies are developed and integrated into our daily lives. 

At the UC Business School | Te Kura Umanga, we encourage you to:

  • be more outward looking and build strong connections with the corporate, public and not-for-profit sectors
  • focus on resilience and sustainability so you develop flexible skills and strong personal attributes
  • be innovative and entrepreneurial in your thinking to find new business solutions
  • adopt an international perspective to understand Aoteroa New Zealand's place in the world

UC Business School | Te Kura Umanga has a wide range of qualifications that prepare you for life in the fast-paced and dynamic business world. Here are eight reasons why you should choose the UC Business School.

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