Department of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Seminar Series

What does it take to engage with paradoxes: The challenge of persistence


Christel Dumas, ICHEC and Céline Louche, Audencia Business School


Time & Place

Tue, 28 May 2019 11:00:00 NZST in Room 236, Meremere

All are welcome


Paradoxes are persistent, meaning they cannot be solved and remain over time. This paper explores how actors engage with paradoxes over time and make the persistence of paradoxes acceptable and livable. Drawing on a two-year participant observation of institutional investors involved in mainstreaming ESG investing, we show how the efforts actors engage creates a continuous alternation between moments of saliency and moments of latency. Taking into account the dynamics over time, we develop a process model that explains how to deal with the persistence of multiple paradoxes.

Keywords: paradox, latency and saliency, sustainable finance


Céline Louche

Audencia Business School

Céline Louche is professor of Business & Society and head of CSR research at Audencia Business School, France. Building from organizational, institutional and strategic perspectives, her research examines the interplay between business and society. It includes topics such as corporate responsibility, sustainable development, and responsible finance. She published in journals such as Human relations, Business and Society, Journal of Business Ethics, Organization & Environment, World Development, Journal of Management Development, and The International Journal of Human Resource Management.

Prior to academia, she worked as Sustainability Analyst for Responsible Investment at Triodos Bank in The Netherlands. She serves on a number of professional and academic committees and editorial boards including Business & Society, Management and Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment.