International Business


This major focuses on the skills necessary for conducting business in an increasingly global and multicultural world.

Our International Business degree reflects the globalisation of businesses. Our students are required to take a language course in their first year and are encouraged to spend a semester studying at an overseas university to learn about a different culture, gain insight into different business environments and develop new networks.

Key study themes include:

  • Crossing borders both as an individual and a business.
  • Decision making and management in a cross-cultural setting.
  • Configuring activities to achieve objectives in an evolving environment.
  • Strategy in international business.
  • Foreign exchange, currency risk and hedging.
  • Politics, trade policies and their effects (for example tariffs and export subsidies)

See UC Business School's international pages for more detail on international opportunities.

There are four distinct pathways within the International Business major depending on whether you want to specialise in Finance or Marketing and Strategy and whether or not you take part in a student exchange.

International Business is also available as a minor in the Bachelor of Arts degree.

UC International Business courses cover a diverse range of current topics such as International Management, International Finance, Strategic Management, International Entrepreneurship, and more.

If English or Maori is your first language and you do not have prior exposure to a foreign language a language course is recommended.

The selected language or cultural course must be approved.

Native speakers of a foreign language are not permitted to take courses in that language for credit towards the major.

Students taking the pathway with an exchange (Finance or Marketing and Strategy) are encouraged to apply during first year for an exchange in semester two of second year.

Courses credited from a UC partner institution will complement the International Business major.  Applications need to be completed by July 1 of your first year of study.

It is advisable to go to a country whose language or culture you have studied. If the exchange is completed in third year you must choose a partner institution with courses that credit towards UC qualifications in order to complete your degree in three years.

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