Global Impact Challenge content block

Global Impact Challenge

Tackle the biggest problems facing NZ tourism sector and win prizes!

future of health

Future of Health Challenge

Tackle the biggest problems facing our Health sector and win cash prizes!

CED Challenge content block

Canterbury Economic Development Challenge

Dream up an economic development project to enhance Waitaha Canterbury!

Sport Marketing Challenge 2

Sport Marketing Challenge

Come up with an exciting marketing strategy to re-engage with sport in a Covid-19 environment!

marketing smackdown

Marketing Smackdown

Create a winning marketing strategy for NZ’s leading Medical Courier!

Bridging the gap

Bridging the Gap

A two-day Challenge to unlock Asia’s real potential for New Zealand!

ag-tech shake-up

Ag-tech Shake-up

Transforming the future of Agriculture through innovative technology.

New Inclusive UC

Inclusive UC Challenge

Cultivate intercultural connections at UC!

-Digital Doctors

Digital Doctors

Reimagining the future of the General Practice.

Virtually Together wt

Virtually Together

 An entirely online Challenge for students to create social connections in an increasingly isolated world. 

Event Marketing Smackdown Simple

Event Marketing Smackdown

Dream up an exciting, student-focused event, and it could become a reality!

Greening UC Thumbnail

Greening UC

Make an impact by creating a more sustainable University of Canterbury!

Social Enterprise Challenge

Social Enterprise Challenge

UCE partnered with the Christchurch City Council to provide a two-day Social Enterprise Challenge that tackled Aotearoa's carbon emissions head on.

Sustainability challenge badge 2019

Sustainability Challenge

Make a difference to the planet, meet new people, learn some cool stuff and have the opportunity to win cash in the process.

48-Hour Health Challenge

48-Hour Health Challenge

The 48-Hour Health Challenge is a perfect opportunity engage with some of the big problems facing the Health Sector in Canterbury and New Zealand.

Future of Digital Travel Badge 2019

Future of Digital Travel Challenge

Hosted at Christchurch Airport, for all students interested in how digital disruption and emerging technologies would impact the future of travel. 

Marketing Smackdown Badge 2019 2

Marketing Smackdown

Utilise marketing as the tool to solve problems that the Christchurch business community is facing.

MYOB IT Challenge

MYOB IT Challenge 2019

An opportunity to develop your technical skills, business knowledge, and network with industry professionals, with the chance to represent UC at the Trans-Tasman challenge in Auckland!

UCE Data Hackathon

Christchurch Airport Data Hackathon

Ideas to use more detailed customer segments and profiles to improve parking options have taken the top spots this evening after a 48 hour data hackathon held at the airport.

Ōtautahi 2025 Challenge Image

Ōtautahi 2025 Challenge

Got lots of creative ideas about how we can make Christchurch a better place in 2025? This Challenge is for you!

Social Enterprise Challenge 2018 Badge

Social Enterprise Challenge 2018

Work in teams alongside experts, business mentors and the social enterprise community to come up with a solution that wow’s our judging panel.

MYOB IT Challenge

MYOB IT Challenge 2018

A chance to win the Canterbury title and compete with students from across New Zealand in the National MYOB IT Challenge.

UCE Lemonade Stand Challenge Badge

Lemonade Stand Challenge

A 10-day challenge where students will turn $20 seed funding into as much money as they can!

whale tail off coast of Kaikoura

Kaikōura Challenge

The NZTA Kaikōura Challenge is an opportunity for students to make a difference to a community in need after a disaster.

tapa cloth

21 Day Challenge

A challenge like no other, this event offers the opportunity to make a long-term difference for a Pacific nation.

Business Economics

SDS Competition

This international business case competition emulates real-world scenarios in which consultants prepare and present solutions.

students participating in myob it challenge

MYOB IT Challenge

This exciting national event is a fusion of business and technical analysis, driving real solutions for business problems.

notebook with heading social enterprise

Social challenge

The Kathmandu NZ Student Social Enterprise Challenge gives teams from tertiary institutions a wellness challenge to solve.

data screen concept


GovHack is an open data hackathon. Participants use open data to build innovative solutions to problems.

avenue with trees

Entrepreneurship Avenue

Two young entrepreneurs enjoyed an all-expenses paid trip to Vienna. Find out more.