UCE Disrupt Challenge

Are you a marketing, strategy, social media or event planning guru? Keen to put those skills to the test on a real kiwi business? If so, the Marketing Smackdown is for you! 

The Marketing Smackdown is an opportunity to work in teams to find innovative ways to solve marketing challenges faced by Cedra Express - New Zealand’s leading medical logistics company.

The Smackdown will run over two days, during which you will be exposed to speakers, mentors and experts in the marketing industry. At the end of the challenge, you will present your solution to judges, with $3,000 of cash prizes for the winning teams.

The Challenge is the perfect opportunity to meet some new people, hone your skills, build your CV, experience new ways of working and have a real impact!

Register here 

Why sign up?

  • Work in a collaborative environment
  • Meet interesting new people from a range of backgrounds
  • Develop your creativity, innovation, teamwork and problem-solving skills
  • Build experience in creating a compelling, professional presentation
  • Network with mentors and experts
  • Have something awesome to put on your CV
  • Enjoy delicious free food 
  • Be in to win cash prizes

Who should sign up?

UC students across all degrees and study levels are welcome to attend our Challenge! No background experience in marketing is required - this challenge is designed for all tertiary students of all levels.

Do I need a team in advance?

If you already have a team, that’s great - you can register as a team (3 to 5 people max.). Otherwise, we will organise a team for you. All you need to do is register!

Who is running the Challenge?

The UC Centre for Entrepreneurship and Cedra Express are working in partnership to provide this exciting opportunity.

Challenge info

  • Challenge Launch: 4 - 6pm, Monday 15 March
  • Challenge: 9am - 5pm, Friday 19 and Saturday 20 March
  • Location: Rehua building, UC Campus

If you have any questions, feel free to email uce@canterbury.ac.nz

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