Chris Bacon

Studying towards a PhD in Sports Science - Injury prediction and prevention in soccer and rugby union via GPS workloads.

UCE Involvement:

Summer Startup Programme 2017/18


Tutor for Practicum

Guest Lecturer for Sports Science courses

How did you come across the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE)?

I saw it advertised in emails floating around and my supervisor also recommended it.

How was the UCE Summer Startup Programme and what did you learn?

It was very much a rollercoaster ride for myself, I went into it very naïve with a lack of awareness around a business. The programme has basically helped me realise the potential my business has and given me access to contacts I would have never have thought of getting into contact with myself. The programme has shown me how you can go from an idea or a concept and turn it into a fully functioning business. Another big thing for me was finding a solid group of like-minded individuals who drive each other. 

What external benefits did you gain from the programme?

A group of friends, a house, social life and even a job! I got some really good advice which has led me to finalise a position at Mainland Football Federation as Head of Sports Science & Medicine.

What is your business?

STATisfying Sport – “An advanced athlete monitoring platform.” 

Where is STATisfying Sport currently at?

Currently, we are in the final stages of developing our minimal viable product. We will start with our testing and development phase with our two clients: Canterbury United and UC Football. We are in the process of finalising a group of software developers to implement additional modules on the platform and then looking to build up an advisory team and approaching some investors which is all pretty full on but very exciting.

What is your most memorable moment this summer at UCE?

My first ever pitch in front of Rachel Wright and Michelle Panzer gave me a lot of motivation. My idea was initially disregarded and as I moved further into the programme I realised it was a test. That moment drove me to get where I am now. Success is good, but those moments where you think you’ve failed and learnt from it are even better!

What are the challenges you have faced with STATisfying Sport?

The biggest challenge for me is understanding business in general. My weapon is my research, sports science and applying what I know, however, my business knowledge is limited. Getting over that hurdle of you being able to be a businessman, not just a sport scientist is massive.

What has been the best reaction to STATisfying Sport?

A UCE Mentor, Blair Ashdowne, said to me ‘Are you serious, can you seriously do that? If you can I’m going to make you a bet. In two years’ time, if you are not a millionaire, I will give you 100 bucks’.

Tell me a bit about your new job and how it is relevant to your venture?

My new role at Mainland Football is Head of Sport Science and Medicine where I am required to lead a department which is research led and aiming to be the best in class with four aspects: Sports Science, Medicine, Performance Analysis and Psychology. I would be using this position to validate STATisfying Sport by monitoring the players. I can treat it as a testing bed and a vehicle for marketing to allow me to validate what we do.

What advice would you give to a student wanting to begin their own startup?

The biggest thing I have learnt is to make sure you’re passionate about it. Do not do something someone else has told you to do or something that sounds like a good idea. Focus on the process, not the goal because the process will lead you to success.

How has tutoring for Practicum been?

Awesome because you are able to see multiple students doing different areas coaching or performance analysis and give them your insight to allow them to grow. The best gift is to be able to give back, I really enjoy helping people grow, giving my advice and working with them. 

What do you find interesting or cool about being an entrepreneur?

I’m my own boss and I have no one to answer to. I would have to say, the fact that I can lead a direction of potential sport science research within my company which is a passion of mine is exciting.

What are your plans for STATisfying Sport this year?

The aim is to get the minimal viable product out in the next month to then get into clients to be tested and developed. We will hire 3 developers to advance different modules of the platform. The ultimate goal by the end of this coming year is to be ready for a rollout to all the clubs in the new ISPS Handa Premiership national league.

What are your aspirations for the future?

Complete my doctoral studies which will directly lead to STATisfying Sport development. My personal aim is to leave my mark on the world by reducing the impact injuries have on elite athletes in all sports either through research or STATisfying Sport.