Sustainability Challenge

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Do you want to make a difference to the planet, meet new people, learn some cool stuff and have the opportunity to win cash in the process? If all of the above sound like you, sign up for the UCE Sustainability Challenge today!

The UCE Sustainability Challenge is open to all tertiary students. Applications will be accepted as they come in, so register quick!

What is the Challenge about?

This Challenge is about solving environmental sustainability problems. There will be a lot of room to move in the questions provided so you don’t need to be an expert in anything in particular but we will definitely want you to be tackling the big problems that really make a difference to our planet, such as waste and carbon outputs. We will hand out a full problem statement at the start of the Challenge.

You’ll also have access to a team of amazing mentors and experts from around the city who can help guide you through the problem and prepare you to pitch to the judges.

Do I need a team in advance?

No, we will create the teams for you and we encourage people to apply individually. All you need to do is turn up!

However, if you do already have a team of 4-5 people that you want to work with, we will allow you to enter as a team -- just let us know on the application form.

Who should attend?

Whether you’re a first year finance student, a third year political science student or a post-grad engineer, if you think you don't have the skills to take on this challenge, you will learn them throughout. We supply you with all of the information and people you need to get the most out of the experience.

If you’re not already sold, sign up is FREE and food will be provided throughout the weekend.

What are the prizes?

There are also cash prizes to be won:

First prize: $750

Second prize: $500

Third prize: $250

When is the Challenge?

Final registrations close on Tuesday 17th April, 5.00pm.

The challenge will be launched 4.00pm Wednesday 18th April and will run from 9.00am Thursday 19th to 6.00pm Friday 20th April. Pencil these dates in your calendar now.

For any questions please contact Hannah Rhodes:

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