Lane Neave LawTech Bootcamp

The Lane Neave LawTech Bootcamp is an opportunity to break new ground and solve challenges facing the legal sector. Run over two-and-a-half days, it will call on your critical thinking and creativity skills to realise the potential technology can play in the customer experience for clients using legal services. You can bring your own idea or join others to create and develop new opportunities.

You will gain hands-on practical experience, learn about a tech-driven law firm, develop new and exciting solutions, apply your legal, business and/or tech knowledge to an operating law firm. Plus, there is a $3000 cash prize pool!

What can I expect?

The Lane Neave LawTech Bootcamp is similar to the UCE Bootcamp, where you will go from concept to solution over the course of the weekend. What’s different is that Lane Neave will provide a few challenges to get you started and create focus for your team. This event will be hosted at Lane Neave's new Christchurch offices on Cambridge Terrace.

Who will benefit?

Students in law, management, marketing, information systems, computer science, and/or software engineering will find this Bootcamp to be particularly beneficial. However, all students will develop key skills in presenting, creative thinking, problem-solving and teamwork, irrelevant of their chosen disciplines.

Who can apply?

Current students at UC, undergraduate and postgraduate, from all disciplines.

Next Step

Bootcamp participants should consider the Student Incubator or Summer Startup.