Level 6

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Level 6 is a new innovation initiative based in Christchurch.  Its focus is to grow technology startups into international businesses.

Level 6 draws on the broad expertise of both UC and Christchurch - an innovation and technology hub - to offer two programmes that focus intensely on results.

  • Level 6 sales
  • Level 6 high technology

Level 6 is for startups that are looking to grow and expand internationally. The programme places emphasis on technology startups, particularly those operating in the following sectors:

  • Agritech
  • Energy and environment
  • Digital
  • Food and beverage
  • Health technology
  • Transport and infrastructure
  • Education

Actively grow great startups

  • Challenging programme for those with global aspirations.
  • Dedicated startup support from people who have been there before.
  • Access to investors and support to be investment ready.
  • Access to global networks and markets.

Connecting tertiary and business sectors

  • Two locations, UC and the Innovation Precinct.
  • Connects tertiary students with startups.
  • Access to UC research, facilities, expertise, staff and resources.
  • Access to industry expertise.
  • Access to UC's worldwide alumni base.

Stages of development

We work with startups at three stages: Pre-Incubator, identifying early adopters and product/market fit; Incubator, growing and developing startups with a personalised programme; and Post-Incubator, which offers continual support for alumni.

Want to get involved?

We are looking for investors, mentors, advisors and supporters.  Contact:

Rachel Wright

External Relations Director
Forestry 114
Internal Phone: 93403