UCE Bootcamp

The UCE Bootcamp is an opportunity for students to fast-track their businesses. It is also a good opportunity to showcase your venture for the Summer Startup Scholarships. For students without existing businesses, our Bootcamp provides an opportunity to jump headfirst into the startup scene - even if you don't have an idea, we can help you create one!

The UCE Bootcamp is run over one or two days, typically during the semester breaks. The programme is jam-packed with workshops, speed mentoring, professional advice, and culminates in a battle with students pitching their venture in two-minutes to a panel of judges. 

What can I expect?

The UCE Bootcamp is a one or two-day programme designed to help you progress your business in a short amount of time.

Who can apply?

The UCE Bootcamp is open to any UC student who was enrolled in at least one course in the current year. If you have an existing business or an idea for one, we can help you grow it over the course of the programme. If you don't have an idea, we can help you come up with one or connect you with another student venture.

If you are an Ara student participating in the entré $85K Challenge, you are also eligible to apply.

Who will find the Bootcamp useful?

Any student who has a business, wants to start a business or is looking to get involved in the startup scene. It is particularly useful for:

  • UCE Incubator students
  • BSNS 290 students
  • entré $85K Challenge contestants

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