UCE Summer Startup Programme participants announced

18 October 2022

The UCE Summer Startup Programme is back again for another year

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This year, we welcome 23 new students to the 2022/2023 Summer Startup cohort. We are excited to be able to help these ventures nail their business model and grow over the next 10 weeks. There are a diverse range of students participating in this year’s Programme, so make sure you're following UCE on our social media channels to stay up to date on all Summer Startup news. Read on to meet the ventures; this is the Programme's tenth edition, making it extra special.

Alexandria Aitchison (Bachelor of Commerce)  

Alexandria is developing an affordable unique clothing line that will provide affordable classic pieces for every-day women. 

Allicere Flask - Tomonori Shibata (Master of Business Administration)  

Allicere Flask is reinventing the traditional water bottle with a stainless steel rectangular-shaped drink bottle that is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. 

Avium - Saskia van der Peet (Bachelor of Engineering) and Caleb Dell (Bachelor of Laws)  

Avium is an online tool that handles products from sales through to shipping by instantly creating shipping paperwork to help small businesses go global.  

Cheap Seats - Nova Coburn-Davis (Bachelor of Product Design)  

Cheap Seats is a ride-sharing app in which drivers are compensated for picking up passengers on their way to their destination. This will be a safer mode of transportation for hitchhikers, with the goal of reducing the number of cars on the road. 

Coop - Marcus Davidson (Bachelor of Engineering)

Coop is a multi-player card game where you design bold escape plans, mess over your friends and pull off daring getaways in the ultimate farm break. 

David Pethybridge (Master of Engineering Management)  

David is developing a portable device which removes dust from gravel roads, this will alleviate the costs associated with maintenance and is an environmentally friendly solution to a problem that is currently unsolved. 

Digital Receipt - Shannon McLean (Bachelor of Social and Environmental Sustainability & Bachelor of Commerce 

Digital Receipt is a piece of software that aims to improve traceability and ease of access to purchase records by digitally uploading receipts. 

Endosoothe - Monique Lau (Bachelor of Product Design)  

EndoSoothes mission is to create a side effect free and natural relief for women who live with endometriosis and chronic symptoms. Endosoothe strives to provide accessible, effective and natural relief that empowers women and increases awareness of endometriosis. 

Excess Alpha - Harrison Camm (Bachelor of Engineering) 

Excess Alpha is a website committed to helping retail investors track and research potential investment opportunities, through an array of innovative tools and data visualisation. Excess Alpha seeks to make investing more approachable to everyone. 

Fliink - Bonnie Humphrey (PhD Biological Sciences) and Averill Moser-Rust (PhD in Biological Sciences and Psychology)  

Flink is a web-based, centralised, and personalised platform for locating and securing research funding. Their platform is designed to assist academic researchers with their application and approval processes, which are constantly demanding and difficult to manage. 

Ghost Pots - Matthew Calvert (Bachelor of Product Design)  

Ghost Pots is dedicated to sustainable design and development of equipment to recover lost or discarded fishing gear in our oceans. It aims to reduce the harm ghost fishing causes to our environment and economy.  

Infinite OCT - Krzysztof Adrian Maliszewski (Master of Science)  

Infinite OCT solutions improve OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography), a light-based imaging device that is held as a gold standard in ophthalmology. Through enhanced image calculation, our neural networks surpass limitations of the current technology and provide higher definition and quality visualisation enabling improved and more reliable medical diagnosis.  

Lifestyle Supplements - Jack Carrick and Thomas McGuinness (Both Bachelor of Commerce) 

Lifestyle Supplements is a plant protein made primarily of soy and faba bean. This supplement contains nine essential amino acids that help with muscle growth, liver function, and neurotransmitter production in the brain. 

Metamorph Recruitment - Nicola Tse (Master of Business Administration) 

Metamorph Recruitment will help companies anticipate future client and candidate needs to help replace the traditional recruitment methods that only fill vacancies for today's needs.

Prism - Natasha Young (Master of Health Sciences) and Amber Jones (Bachelor of Teaching and Learning) 

Prism is an online database that aims to improve queer healthcare and accessibility through providing individuals the opportunity to share their experiences with healthcare professionals. 

Pulpaway - Samuel Sheung (Bachelor of Commerce) and Liam Hooper (Bachelor of Product Design) 

Pulpaway is developing home compostable punnets as an alternative to the current plastic thermoformed fruit containers. 

Take Charge - Joshua Cammock-Elliott (Bachelor of Product Design and Commerce) 

Take Charge is an electric vehicle charging service where individuals can coordinate a time and place to charge their vehicle, thus eliminating range anxiety. 

Tag and Ties - Max Ito (Master of Business Administration)  

Tag & Ties facilitates creativity by turning primary school children's artwork into name tags using adhesive vinyl. Their mission is to empower children's artistic interests by reshaping the experience of name-tagging belongings.  

Skinfuel - Ruby Haus (Bachelor of Product Design and Commerce)  

Skinfuel is a men's full-coverage skincare line. The goal is to eliminate the social stigma associated with men wearing make-up and empower them to feel confident in their own skin. The goal of Skinfuels is to create a natural mineral makeup line that will restore and prevent damage to male skin by correcting pigmentation and providing sun protection.

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