Summer Startup Update Week 2: Feedback, validation, and new perspectives.

06 December 2018

The second week of the UCE EY Summer Startup Programme saw the students receive quick-fire, expert advice in their first speed mentoring session.

  • UCE EY Summer Startup speed mentoring with Jen Corbett from Programme Sponsor EY

    Jen Corbet from Programme sponsor EY, at the first round of speed mentoring for the UCE EY Summer Startup Programme 2018/19.

Speed mentoring team photo UCE 2018

Staff, students & mentors at the first round of speed mentoring for the UCE EY Summer Startup Programme 2018/19.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE) was humming last Wednesday, with over 2000 minutes of one-on-one mentoring being provided in the first speed mentoring session of the UCE EY Summer Startup Programme 2018/19. For some students, this was their first time experiencing such intense feedback, but nonetheless, they all threw themselves into the opportunity.

Our knowledgeable range of local mentors offered wisdom from a variety of viewpoints. They included David Winter and Jen Corbett from Programme sponsor EY, as well as experts from the Canterbury Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Awesome and the University of Canterbury. This provided our students with industry insights from those in a range of disciplines, from accounting to marketing.

One team who made the most of the session was Millie Morgan and Chelsea Aitken. Their venture was inspired by a trip to China, where they discovered huge demand for New Zealand products. Their business will sell NZ-made skincare to consumers in Chengdu, a city chosen for its eco-friendly values and eye for luxury goods. Millie and Chelsea valued the chance to receive feedback and make new connections so early in the Programme. They said it has “allowed us to fast-track” their progress by being provided with “resources and toolkits we didn’t even realise we needed”.

Janice Fan, who is developing a review platform for tertiary education and curriculums this summer, said the speed mentoring was the “most beneficial part” of the Programme so far. She enjoyed the opportunity for external validation of her concept early in the process and to check she was moving in the right direction.

The UCE EY Summer Startup Programme is a chance for students to work full time on fast-tracking the development of their ideas into realistic business ventures. To find out more about the UCE EY Summer Startup Programme click here.

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