Minister for Youth joins UCE workshop

09 May 2018

Identifying the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE) as an exciting, innovative hub for youth to engage in, Minister for Youth, Hon Peeni Henare, chose to visit UCE during his time in Christchurch last weekend.

  • UCE Minister visit 2018

    Photo: The Minister for Youth visiting UCE last weekend (from left to right): Kevin Grimwood, Dr Ross James, Dr Rachel Wright, Hon Peeni Henare, Professor Ian Wright, Patisepa Helu, James Carr and Hannah Rhodes.

UCE Minister presenting favourites to winning team

Minister for Youth, Hon Peeni Henare, presenting Favourites to the winning team.

UCE was extremely privileged to host the Minister for Youth, Hon Peeni Henare, during his time in Christchurch last weekend.

His visit started with a greeting where the Minister explained the importance in a leader visiting his people, ‘Kia rongo i te haunga o te iwi’, which translates to, ‘to see, smell and touch the people’.

The visit went on to a quick lunch followed by a creative, innovative workshop run by James Carr, Business Manager at UCE. The workshop encouraged students to think creatively about how they would escape from a tropical island with multiple, random household objects.

The Minister judged the teams’ 90-second presentations, describing how he appreciated all ideas and loved the amount of creative thinking in the room. Minister Henare chose the winning team who challenged the initial question by deciding to stay on the island and make a beauty, health retreat on the island with the objects they had.

He also appreciated and awarded their request for funding from the government during their pitch and explained how important it was to know and pitch to your audience.

Hon Peeni Henare’s role as Minister includes maximising opportunities for the positive engagement and contribution of New Zealand’s youth population.

The Ministry of Youth Development (MYD), encourages and supports young people aged between 12 and 24 years old to develop and use knowledge, skills and experiences to participate confidently in their communities.

UCE is grateful for the support from MYD to help run multiple student Challenges throughout this year. The UCE Challenges help students develop skills in areas such as presenting, problem-solving, analytical thinking, consulting and teamwork. To find out more about UCE's Challenges click here.