UCE Student wins $100,000 Entrepreneurial Award

01 March 2018

On Tuesday, UC Centre for Entrepreneurship student Oliver Hunt, 23, received a $100,000 award from the Dream Believe Succeed Foundation.

  • Oliver_Hunt_Presenting_Landscape

    Oliver Hunt pitching his company, Medsalv, at the UCE Summer Startup Annual Showcase 2018

The Dream Believe Succeed Foundation Award was set up through the vision of Steve Brooks, with the aim to raise awareness among the regions youth and develop entrepreneurial spirit. Oliver Hunt's award consisted of $20,000 cash, $60,000 marketing support, $10,000 accounting support, a $5000 legal package as well as mentoring.

“There were so many good companies in the competition I didn’t think I would get it. This is going to be massive for Medsalv” Hunt said.

Hunt’s business Medsalv, is a solution to the waste created by single use medical devices. New Zealand hospitals create an enormous and costly amount of waste by discarding medical devices that can be used more than once given the right reprocessing.

“Devices are labelled single use where the manufacturer has chosen to not do cleaning validation required for re-use. It does not mean the device has to be thrown away. Given the right cleaning procedures, many can be used multiple times” he explained.

Hunt started Medsalv, a company that works with hospitals to reduce their costs and environmental impact. He worked on his company at the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE) over summer where he was awarded a Scholarship for the UCE EY Summer Startup Programme 2017/18.

“I found the Programme really good, especially as a sole founder. It gave me a lot of insight, mentoring and "sounding boards" to bounce ideas off and critique what I am doing. The fresh perspectives which I would not have been exposed to otherwise were very helpful” he said.

5 out of 7 finalists of the competition were also students of the 2017/18 Summer Cohort:

Congratultations to all students and all the best for the future of your ventures! If you would like to get involved or find out more about the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship contact James Carr.

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