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Are you a tinkerer? Do you like to get a little crafty? Want access to high-tech tools to help you make awesome stuff?

UCE hosts its very own Makerspace - a space for all creative UC students interested in active making, design and prototyping! The space hosts a wide range of equipment from low tech design thinking kits, to high tech equipment that includes:

  • 3D Printers and Scanners
  • A Vinyl Printer and Cutter
  • Photography and Videography Suite
  • UC Computers
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 

Who can use the space?

Every UC student and staff member is welcome to use the space. 

What will happen in the space?

University staff will use the space to host classes with their students. There will also be workshops on how to use the spaces equipment, hosted by UCE for all staff and students. 

Outside of class/workshop hours is makerspace free time! All students and staff who have done a Health and Safety Induction will be able to swipe into the space using their UC card and work on personal projects. 

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