Michael Durie INOV290

Enterprise in practice: Project (INOV290)

This course enables leverages student’s creative thinking in a real-world challenge to make a difference for an organisation. Over the course of the semester you will work in a team to come up with a concept solution to a Challenge posed by an organisation. You will gain real-world experience working with key stakeholders and mentors and will learn to apply a number of business tools and techniques as you come up with your concept solutions. This is an opportunity for you to have a real impact for an organisation.

Who is this course for?

You will benefit if you:

  • Want to solve a challenge for an organisation.
  • Want real-life experience.
  • Learn a number of business tools and frameworks to assess new ideas.
  • Want to connect with a range of individuals from the business and non-profit sectors.
  • Want to solve real problems.


You must have completed 120 points at 100-level.

Course structure

The core component of this course is a 105-hour project. During Semester 1 and Semester 2 there is a weekly lecture along with a weekly tutorial. Topics covered during the lectures include:

  • Working in teams
  • Identifying the underlying problem
  • Networking skills
  • Creativity and brainstorming
  • How to think innovatively
  • Business models
  • Market validation
  • Ethics
  • Designing a survey
  • Minimal viable product
  • Intellectual property
  • Professional development such as leadership
  • How to think creatively
  • Social responsibility

Assessment Details

The assessment for INOV290 consists of three written reports, one reflection essay and a short presentation. There is no exam.

  • Project Proposal (20%) - A short report that outlines the project (and plan) for the semester. Worth 
  • Mid-project Report (20%) - An updated on progress amde in the first.
  • Final Project Report (40%) - A complete report on the project including any findings, insights, conclusions and reccomendations.
  • Self Relfection Essay (5%) - A personal reflection focused on your own learning journey throughout the semester.
  • Presentation (15%) - A 3-5 minute presentation summarising the key findings, conclusions and reccomendations of the project.

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