Workshop: The basics of networking to get you connected for life

Does the word “networking” make you shiver? Spend an hour with ANZ expert, Stephen Caunter, to get the basics locked down!

Facilitated by: Stephen Caunter

Stephen’s motto is enthusiasm, entertainment and knowledge.  Ask him what his job is and he will tell you “storyteller”. These attributes make Stephen a highly successful facilitator of the ANZ Business Training workshops.  These workshops cover a range of business topics and are designed to help the attendees run more successful businesses.

Stephen is particularly passionate about the topics of Networking, Marketing and Customer Service. Stephen’s career with the ANZ Bank spans over 36 years and a variety of roles.  The majority of his career has been dedicated to working with business customers and helping them with the issues they face. Since 2006, he has travelled the South Island presenting over 900 workshops and seminars to over 8000 participants.  He is also well regarded as a conference speaker.

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