Holly Norton

Holly Norton Graphic Impact Summit

Holly Norton's mission in life is to facilitate the collective power of people to create social good! She is the Director and Co-founder of Collaborate. The new 'Tinder' for volunteering style web app which makes it fast, fun and easy to do good. Holly and her four women co-founding team led Collaborate's creation, which brought together hundreds of changemakers across NZ to co-design the Collaborate over two years. Today less than a year on it is already helping hundreds of charities and volunteers connect to where they can make the biggest impact.

Holly has been a researcher and strategist on one of New Zealand's earliest think tanks for the Future of Work and volunteered around the world with an international peace and conflict resolution charity, representing New Zealand in the Korean Demilitarized Zone and Geneva. During her time studying and working in Thailand, she also put her degree in Grassroots development into practice and created with the community she was living in, a reading space for disadvantaged children to learn English. These experiences underpinned her community-centered approach to creating Collaborate.

When she’s not 'Collaborating' Holly's side hustle is working with government agencies and businesses to facilitate new approaches centered around creating strengths-based teams and empowering the people most affected by a new product, policy or process to drive its creation.

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