Money workshop

In this workshop, Prof. Ekant Veer and Unicia Veer will partner to discuss how to make the most of your money and build financial capability and sustainability. Ekant will go into the psychology behind over-consumption and the market-driven consumerism culture that is so closely linked to our identity and sense of self. Unicia will build on this platform to bring in practical tools and strategies to make the most of our money, to be in control of our finances and to go beyond just 'literacy' to build financial capability. The Veers conclude by examining simple practices and nudges that can make a long-term and sustainable difference in our financial wellness that empowers us to reach our personal financial goals as well as create a more sustainable future.


Ekant Veer holds his PhD from the University of Auckland and is currently a Professor at the University of Canterbury. He is a multi-award-winning teacher and researcher having been named in the Top 40 under 40 Business School Professors worldwide and an Ako Aotearoa Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award in 2018, UC’s Teaching Medal in 2017 and five times winner of the UCSA’s lecturer of the year award. His work looks at the role that marketing can play in both driving social change and community wellbeing as well as what impact digital technology plays in consumer interactions and their sense of identity. His research has been published in numerous international journals, such as the Journal of Marketing Management, The European Journal of Marketing, and The Journal of Public Policy and Marketing. Ekant has recently taken on the role as Director of the UC Knowledge Commons which is a new venture by the University of Canterbury that seeks to build a culture of engagement between tertiary sector and businesses, community and the public sector.



Unicia Veer is a Chartered Accountant who, having trained as an Auditor, now works primarily in the area of personal finances as a Commission Affiliated Facilitator and Sorted Facilitator (Commission for Financial Capability, CFFC), and as a personal Financial Mentor through EAP. She has been involved with local community financial education since 2010. Unicia's career objective is to use her CA skill-set outside of the expected norm to see not just a financially literate community, but a financially capable community. Unicia hopes to see a community where people are able to take charge of their money so they can make better financial decisions and build themselves a more secure future. Unicia was recently featured as the co-host of TV1's special 'My Money: What Now?' that sought to bust a number of financial myths triggered by COVID19.