UCE Disrupt Challenge Series

UCE runs a series of two-day challenges throughout the year partnering with different organisations such as Christchurch Airport, Christchurch City Council and the Marketing Association. 

Student challenges and competitions help students develop skills in areas such as presenting, problem-solving, analytical thinking, consulting and teamwork.

Students working in cross-discipline teams have 48-hours to come up with concept solutions to an issue or problem posed by an organisation. Students are more innovative and creative faced with a hard time constraint, having no choice but to to quickly learn and apply social and empathy skills to ensure a successful working team. In just two days, students learn how to effectively work with others, how to compromise, how to communicate with mentors and experts and how to present a compelling pitch. 

As there are no long-term consequences to the choices they make, students are able to fail fast, recover and try again in a safe environment. 

A recent example was with Christchurch Airport where they posed the challenge to students: how can they improve the customer parking experience at Christchurch airport?

Keep an eye out for the UCE Disrupt 2020 Challenge programme or see past challenges below.

Current Challenges

Past Challenges

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