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UC Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE) connects, challenges and supports students and staff to create impact by building capabilities in entrepreneurship and innovation. UCE’s programmes broaden minds, challenge ideas and empower students to make a real difference in the world -- whether that’s personally, locally, nationally or internationally.

Those who engage with and participate in UCE activities are well equipped to face the rapidly changing world of work -- whether that’s starting their own startup or working for a company or a non-profit. UCE’s programmes are designed to challenge and provide them with different perspectives on the world so that they are confident and ready to tackle the world beyond university and contribute in a meaningful way to society. 

We offer a range of activities and events with one main aim -- building capabilities and confidence to prepare you for the real world.

UCE Disrupt

UCE Disrupt Sustainability Challenge

Students working in cross-discipline teams have 48-hours to come up with concept solutions to an issue or problem posed by an organisation. Students are more innovative and creative faced with a hard time constraint, having no choice but to to quickly learn and apply social and empathy skills to ensure a successful working team. In just two days, students learn how to effectively work with others, how to compromise, how to communicate with mentors and experts and how to present a compelling pitch. 

As there are no long-term consequences to the choices they make, students are able to fail fast, recover and try again in a safe environment. 

A recent example was with Christchurch Airport where they posed the challenge to students: how can they improve the customer parking experience at Christchurch airport?

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INOV290: Enterprise in Practise

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UCE offers ‘INOV290: Enterprise in Practice’. This 15 point course is open to students from any degree discipline who have completed their first year of study. Throughout the semester students work in small teams tackling a real-world challenge for one of UCE’s partner organisations. Alongside being introduced to the Lean Startup framework and tools students exercise their creative thinking, teamwork and enterprise skills to identify solutions to the problem posed by the organisation.

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Business Case Competitions

Business Case Competitions

Business Case Competitions are a great way to hone your skills including strategic and financial analysis as well as soft skills like teamwork and communication. It is one of the best ways to kick-start a career in consulting and professional services. are a great opportunity for students to hone their business skills.

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Impact Summit

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UCE’s annual ‘Impact Summit’ is a one-day event to equip attendees with skills and knowledge to have a real impact on their communities, NZ and globally. Over the course of the day, there is a range of workshops, inspiring speakers and workshops on a range of topics such as balancing impact and sustainability and impact investing.

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