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Girish Prayag

Sustainability important to international tourists – new research

8 July 2019 - A multi-pronged study aimed to better understand how much importance international visitors placed on sustainability and their perceptions of sustainability practices. The research was led by A/Prof Girish Prayag (UC) and Senior Economist Dr Peter Fieger (ChristchurchNZ).

UC Associate Professor of Marketing Ekant Veer (pictured right), of the College of Business and Law, says the All Right? campaign’s approach to social media ticked all the right boxes. All Right? manager Sue Turner says Facebook has helped to open up

Social media can improve lives post-disaster – new research

18 February 2019 - Newly published research has shown the important role social media can play supporting health and wellbeing following a disaster. Prof Ekant Veer says the All Right? campaign’s approach to social media ticked all the right boxes.

Image of Michaela Balzarova with basket of fruit

Blockchain benefits sustainable food production

05 July 2019 - Associate Professor Michaela Balzarova looks at adapting new data technologies may lead to fairer food prices for consumers and producers, by increasing transparency.

Image of Professor Markus Milne posing on top of a mountain

Nature inspires research for award-winning professor

9 July 2019 - Professor Markus Milnes’s boyhood love of the outdoors has inspired 30 years of research into the social and environmental impacts of organisations, and how they account for and communicate those impacts.

Image of the winners of the entre 85k challenge

$85k in prizes awarded to entrepreneurial students

4 October 2019 - Social Impact Cluster member, Kseniia Zahrai receives Business Development Award as part of Entré’s $85k Challenge.

Portrait of Stephen Hickson

Reserve Bank heading into new territory – UC economist

10 May 2019Stephen Hickson explains why the Reserve Bank is heading into new territory with the cut to the OCR, and what impact it could have.

Image of Asaad Ali, Andrea Menclova, and Vince Galvin with certificates

Award-winning research paper links birthdate with NCEA results

16 July 2019 - The 2019 Stats NZ Prize for a paper with “the best use of official statistics” has been awarded to University of Canterbury researchers whose work concluded that the timing of a child’s fifth birthday, and when they typically first start school, may impact on their NCEA results and University Entrance (UE) later on.