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Cluster members leverage their networks to build more institutional relationships with external partners, furthering the engagement and impact that UC has in the Canterbury community and beyond. Collectively and with the experience of the entire group this cluster builds stronger relations with external partners. In addition, the Cluster will link with the Multi-Agency Platform initiative in order to promote connectedness with the wider regional community.

Andrea Menclova

Associate Professor
Fields of Research:
- Applied microeconomics
- Health economics
- Public economics

Ann-Marie Kennedy

Associate Professor
Fields of Research:
- Macromarketing
- Social Marketing
- Sustainability
- Marketing Ethics
- Retail

Professor Annick Masselot

Fields of Research:
- European Union Law
- Comparative law
- Equality and anti-discrimination law
- Gender ...

Anna Earl

Senior Lecturer
Postgraduate Coordinator (Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship)
Fields of Research:
- International Business
- Multinational enterprises and governments
- Emerging ...

Beverley Lord

Associate Professor
Associate Head of Department Accounting and Information Systems
Fields of Research:
- Management accounting
- Performance measurement
- Strategic management accounting
- Accounting ...

Catherine Woods


Chris Chen

Senior Lecturer
Fields of Research:
- Environmental Studies
- Human Geography
- Marketing and Tourism
- Resilience: Commercial: ...

Dr Diane Mollenkopf

Fields of Research:
- Sustainable Supply Chain Management
- Food Security
- Supply Chain Integration
- Closed Loop ...

Girish Prayag

Fields of Research:
- Consumption experiences in marketing
- Interested in tourism, airline and hospitality ...

Ekant Veer

Fields of Research:
- Social Media
- Transformative Consumer Research
- Earthquake research
- Social Marketing and ...

Herb de Vries

Associate Professor
Fields of Research:
- Immigrant and minority ethnic entrepreneurship
- Indigenous entrepreneurship
- Refugee ...

James Carr

Lecturer (Teaching and Administration)

Jeremy Clark

Associate Professor
Fields of Research:
- Applied microeconomics, often with a policy focus
- Environmental and resource economics, ...

Jörg Finsterwalder

Associate Professor
Associate Head of Department Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Fields of Research:
- Service Marketing and Management
- Tourism and Hospitality
- Customer Relationship Marketing ...

Katharina Naswall

Fields of Research:
- Employee well-being and performance
- Job insecurity
- Boundaryless working life
- Psychosocial ...

Lucie Ozanne

Head of Department
Fields of Research:
- Transformative Consumer Research
- Sharing Economy
- Community Resilience
- Corporate social ...

Lyndon Waaka

Kaiārahi | Business and Law

Markus Milne

Fields of Research:
- Environmental Accounting
- Discourse theory and analysis
- Corporate ...

Matthew Scobie

Senior Lecturer
Research Interests:
My research interests are broadly around exploring ways to hold organisations, businesses and governments accountable for their social, environmental, ...

Michael Hall

Distinguished Professor
Fields of Research:
- Change in rural and peripheral areas in developed countries
- Environmental history, ...

Michaela Balzarova

Associate Professor
Fields of Research:
- Business and Sustainability
- Environmental policy and business strategy
- Effectiveness of ...

Nadeera Ranabahu

Senior Lecturer
Fields of Research:
- Inclusive entrepreneurship
- Minority groups, employment & entrepreneurship
- Responsible ...

Nadine Kreitmeyr

Nik Taylor

Human Services Postgraduate Coordinator
Fields of Research:
- animal sociology
- human-animal studies
- violence to animals
- domestic violence and animal ...

Paul Ballantine

Executive Dean – Business
Fields of Research:
- Retailing
- Social and Ethical Issues in Marketing
- Consumer Behaviour
- Research ...

Philip Gunby

Senior Lecturer
Fields of Research:
- Economics of Education
- Applied Economics

Richard Watt

Fields of Research:
- Applied microeconomic theory
- Industrial organisation

Sanna Malinen

Associate Professor
Fields of Research:
- Wellbeing (individual, community)
- Resilience (personal, employee, organisational)
- Disaster ...

Sarah Wright

Associate Professor
Fields of Research:
- Workplace loneliness
- Social relationships at work
- Human relations research
- Experiential ...

Stephen Hickson

Director Business Taught Masters
Fields of Research:
- Economics education: teaching principles
- National accounts
- NZ official statistics

Steve Agnew

Senior Lecturer
Fields of Research:
- Education of Economics, focussing on first year tertiary and secondary school.

Steven Ratuva

Fields of Research:
- Interdiscplinary research
- Security
- Conflict and peacebuilding
- Geo-politics
- Research ...

Sussie Morrish

Fields of Research:
- Entrepreneurial marketing
- Strategic marketing approaches
- Entrepreneurship
- Firm ...

Tom Coupe

Associate Professor
Fields of Research:
- applied econometrics

Graduate Students

Afshin Tanouri

PhD in Digital Marketing
Meaningful Gamification to Promote Well-Being

Ilayaraja Subramanian (Raja)

PhD in Marketing
The transformative potential of refugee-to-refugee value co-creation along the refugee journey’s customer journey: A service encounter perspective

Kseniia Zahrai

PhD in Marketing
Meremere 366

Samantha White

PhD in Marketing
Meat Substitutes: Understanding Consumption, Markets and Promotion of Protein Alternatives

Sophie Goossens

PhD in Law
Collaborative housing and citizenship
Joya Kemper, The University of Auckland

Dr Joya Kemper

Lecturer in Marketing, University of Auckland

Krzysztof Kubacki

Prof Krzysztof Kubacki

Auckland University of Technology

Blank portrait

Phil Sherring 

Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)

Samantha White

Lecturer in Marketing, Lincoln University

Sommer Kapitan, AUT

Dr Sommer Kapitan

Senior Lecturer, Auckland University of Technology