Fraser R.L. Crawford

Studying towards a Master of Commerce
Adaptive Capacity of Self-Employed and Small Business Owners During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Location: Karl Popper 210
Mobile: +64273504460
Country of origin: New Zealand
Fraser Crawford
"Alright, Alright, Alright"

My research is focused on the adaptive capacity of self-employed professionals and small business owners. The primary focus is to understand how real estate agents have adapted to changes in client, purchaser and franchisee demands caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The research aim is to further add to crisis management literature through a self-employed lens. The study allows further understanding on how the external environmental factors of Covid-19 have produced unprecedented conditions forcing real estate agents to adapt. It is these very adaptations that are allowing agents to survive and possibly thrive while operating mid-pandemic.

The beauty of my research is not exclusively to uncover new information surrounding the ever-evolving topic of Covid-19. It also allows me as a researcher to have in-depth discussions with a handful of the wonderful business minds Canterbury has to offer. This is developing my own personal understanding of how self-employed professionals operate, which I find fascinating.


Primary Supervisor: Sanna Malinen
Co-Supervisor: Herb de Vries

Research Interests

I have a natural affinity of the self-employed and love to delve into the psychology behind the decisions they make and the subsequent consequences. I'm particularly intrigued by the perpetual evolution required in order to cater to a markets shifting needs over long periods of time.

Alternatively, I have a passion for team building within organisations. Creating cohesive units and cultivating a positive, driven and successful team culture is highly rewarding for every individual involved.

Working thesis title

Adaptive Capacity of Self-Employed and Small Business Owners During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Personal Interests

To put it simply: I meander through life with a child-like sense of awe and appreciation for everything around me. I like to think, I like to be challenged and i like to test how far I can push my potential. I'm captain of a soccer team, in a band and most certainly love my friends, we'll die laughing.

I'd also love to see the Vancouver Canucks win a Stanley Cup.

Personal History

I'm a New Zealand/Canadian dual citizen of Maori descent.

Academic History

After graduating from Shirley Boys' Highschool (Go Spartans), I completed a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Management & Strategy/Entrepreneurship.

I also strategically used my electives to delve into my passions of english literature, creative writing and cinema during my undergraduate degree.

Professional History

Prior to the pandemic I worked for the better part of a year in an events operations coordinator role for a nation-wide company. It was in this role I was able to be a part of an amazing team of people, meet celebrities backstage and play a role in creating some of the best festivals, concerts and events New Zealand has seen - a truly wild experience at times involving 20 hour days and I wouldn't trade it for the world.