Amelia Bryden

Studying towards a Master of Commerce in Marketing
Consumer Attitudes towards Brands and the Effect of Store Image

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Country of origin: New Zealand
Amelia Bryden

My thesis is a study within the concept of retailing, that looks at consumer perceptions and attitudes of stores and different types of brands in relation to store image. Essentially looking at how store image influences and corresponds with consumers in how they perceive, evaluate, and form attitudes towards both stores and their brands. Whilst currently there is a considerable amount of academic literature surrounding this topic, predominantly it only looks at consumers perceptions between private label brands versus manufacturer brands, and the influence different branding strategies has on those perceptions.

The idea of branding playing an important role in forming consumers perceptions has been acknowledged, yet there is a significant gap in the literature as in many cases, studies do not provide an in-depth analysis of how these potential drivers of these perceptions in terms of a stores branding, forms consumers attitudes towards the store and types of brands the store sells. As a result, the research question, ‘does store image influence how a consumer perceives the types of brands a store sells?” was developed to help determine how store image is important in forming consumer’s perceptions, attitudes and evaluations of stores and brands. A qualitative research approach will be used in order to understand the relationship of store image and consumers attitudes within a New Zealand cultural context. The study will be conducted using protocol analysis, semi-structured interviews and followed by a thematic analysis of the data collected.

This qualitative study will be used in aiding to bridge the gap between understanding and knowing that store image influences consumers perceptions and attitudes and how it is that these perceptions and attitudes are formed in regard to store image. Data will be collected from within the New Zealand clothing retail context and involve consumers aged 18-30. The study will contribute to understanding what the relationship is between store image and consumer attitudes towards brands, and establish the reciprocal process consumers go through when evaluating stores and brands.


Primary Supervisor: Paul Ballantine
Co-Supervisor: Lucie Ozanne

Working thesis title

Consumer Attitudes towards Brands and the Effect of Store Image

Academic History

I completed a Bachelor of Design Innovation majoring in Communication Design and minoring in Marketing and Management at Victoria University of Wellington before moving to the University of Canterbury in 2021 to complete my Masters of Commerce in Marketing.