Postgraduate research

Our postgraduate students conduct original research alongside the supervision of experienced academic staff. View more information about each student by clicking on their name in each listing. 

PhD research

Afshin Tanouri

Transformative Gamification Services for Mental Well-being
Supervisors: Ann-Marie Kennedy, Ekant Veer

Areej AlHouli

The Presentation of Self in Everyday Consumption: A Comparative Study of Middle Eastern and New Zealand Muslim Women
Supervisors: Sussie Morrish, Michael Hall

Behrang Ijadi

An AI-based Model for Managing a Smart Seafood Supply Chain
Supervisors: Stephen Wingreen, Olivia Erdelyi

Bo Wang

Thesis title TBC
Supervisor: Pan Zheng

Christine Peacock

Is there a way to tax the consumption of owner-occupied housing which is more consistent with the VAT policy objective of taxing consumption compared to the current approach?
Supervisors: Adrian Sawyer, Andrew Maples

Clement Chak

Comprehensive Anti Tax Haven Legislation for Australia and New Zealand: International Comparative Studies and Reform
Supervisor: Adrian Sawyer

Haley Jones

Are sustainable diets the key to a healthy future? An exploration of consumer insights in Aotearoa New Zealand
Supervisor: Joya Kemper

Hoa Nguyen Quynh

"Visitors’ pro-environmental behaviour and their sense of place during travelling – Go with or go over nature?”
Supervisors: Chris Chen, Michael Hall

Iwan Suhardjo

Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence and Sustainable Growth
Supervisors: Christopher Akroyd, Nelly Todorova

Kidung Ageng

First-time Expectanct Southeast Asian Fathers' Online Pregnancy-Related Information Seeking Behaviour
Supervisors: Anushia Inthiran, Arindam Basu

Kimberley Wood

Performer perspectives on enhancing the service- and experiencescapes of venues and events
Supervisors: Michael Hall, Chris Chen

Kulani Sumanasekera

A Framework of Factors Influencing Stakeholder Perceived Value of Telemedicine
Supervisors: Nelly Todorova, Annette Mills

Lila Laird

Diverse perspectives on Work: Working towards resilient urban commons
Supervisors: Matthew Scobie, Billy O'Steen

Linda Tinofirei Muchenje

Banking Development and Corporate Social Responsibility: Cross-Country Evidence
Supervisors: Huong Dang, Tom Coupe

Liye (Julia) Yan

A multi-generational analysis of Chinese migrants and mainland Chinese’ attitudes toward food
Supervisors: Chris Chen, Michael Hall, Girish Prayag

MD H Asibur Rahman

Resilience and Wellbeing of Trans and Gender Non-Conforming People in Service Business Start-ups in Aotearoa New Zealand and Bangladesh
Supervisor: Jörg Finsterwalder

Mona Soltani

Understanding the Influence of Social Media Users on Crisis Diffusion: A Comparison of Scandals by Not-for-profit and For-profit Organisations
Supervisors: Ekant Veer, Herb de Vries

Nargis Mashal

An investigation into digitalisation of General Practice in time of pandemic: A New Zealand study
Supervisors: Sussie Morrish, Jörg Finsterwalder

Nidhi Tewari

Digital Identities and Changing Perceptions of Information Privacy
Supervisors: Annette Mills, Olivia Erdelyi

Panggah Tri Wicaksono

Integrating tax education into the tertiary education curriculum: A case study of Indonesia
Supervisors: Adrian Sawyer, Andrew Maples

Rachel Richards

Accounting with IFRS in Asia, and the impact of local culture
Supervisors: Keith Dixon, Beverley Lord

Ruwan Wijesinghe

A Framework to Detect Earnings Quality
Supervisors: Michael Falta, Julia Wu

Sayed Ahmed

Social Entrepreneurship and Food Security: An Investigation into the Bangladesh Agriculture Ecosystem
Supervisors: Sussie Morrish, Anna Earl

W.H.Thejani Madhuhansi

Circular Economy
Supervisors: Lucie Ozanne, Ann-Marie Kennedy, Joya Kemper

Weilun Wu

A Study on the Relationship Between Income Inequality and Health
Supervisors: Bob Reed, Andrea Menclova

Yike Ma

undecided, about place attachment
Supervisor: Chris Chen

Youri Oh

Muslim migrants’ food consumption practices in non-Muslim majority countries: Case studies of Australia and the UK
Supervisors: Michael Hall, Girish Prayag

Yue Wang

Supervisors: Bob Reed, Tom Coupe

Master's research 

Amelia Bryden

Consumer Attitudes towards Brands and the Effect of Store Image
Supervisors: Paul Ballantine, Lucie Ozanne

Cindy Bui

Understanding the Changes in Sports Viewership Patterns: How and Why Consumers are Using Social Media
Supervisors: Chris Chen, Lucie Ozanne

Emma Catto

Green Training and Development within NZX Listed Organisations
Supervisors: Michaela Balzarova, Russell Wordsworth

Jonathan Watkins

Understanding how a manufacturer's network structure impacts the interplay between supply chains and their environmental and economic outcomes
Supervisor: Diane Mollenkopf

Kerryn M. Lyes

Dialectic Explorations in Marketing Thought and Taoist Philosophy
Supervisors: Michael Hall, Ekant Veer

Lance Woods

What Implicit Expectations Accompany Casual Employment in New Zealand?
Supervisors: Bernard Walker, Russell Wordsworth

Matthew Shaw

How do influencers/marketers enable social media addiction?
Supervisors: Ekant Veer, Ann-Marie Kennedy

Valentina Marquez Diaz

How do restaurants present themselves online? A content analysis of Christchurch restaurants
Supervisors: Michael Hall, Ekant Veer