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Spillway in hydro system

The WMRG is a group of researchers studying smart markets for hydrological resources. A smart market is an auction that manages physical constraints (such as minimum river flows) through a computer model. Such markets are now in active operation for electricity, natural gas, radio spectrum, and a range of other commodities, all over the world. We have developed smart market concepts for ground and surface water, nitrate runoff, phosphorus runoff, sediment runoff, and impervious cover. The smart market contains explicit constraints that ensure sustainability. The use of a smart market simplifies the process of reallocating water, solving the problems of “first come first served”, while ensuring environmental sustainability.

Current researchers include John F. Raffensperger, Mark W. Milke, E. Grant Read, Thomas A. Cochrane, Shane Dye, and their students, including Antonio Pinto, Stephen Starkey, and Indra Mahakalanda.

Alumni include Yongliang Bai (visiting colleague from Chinese University of Geosciences), Manfred Plagmann (MBA student), Rebecca Teasley (postdoctoral researcher), and Ranga Prabodanie (PhD student).

We have presented our work to many groups in New Zealand, and would be happy to meet on request.

Research outputs

Antonio Pinto is studying smart markets for sediment and runoff. Antonio's work could help reduce flooding, while improving the quality of lakes, streams, and estuaries. This work also has potential for reducing consent application costs for developers, while ensuring much better environmental outcomes. To operate the market, a regulator would first use hydrology flow models to calculate the amount of runoff and sediment from each user that reaches a given location. Based on these models, the regulator would solve a mathematical optimisation to calculate the best way to allocate runoff and sediment rights among users, while ensuring that total runoff and sediment at the location stays below required limits. This market approach could incentivise people to tear up concrete and plant green space. Most importantly, this exciting new approach to managing land use could drastically reduce the costs of flood management and damage.

Ranga Prabodanie completed a PhD thesis in smart markets for nitrate. This interesting and complicated research has the potential to reduce the size of the oceans' dead zones, and improve the quality of lakes, streams, and aquifers, while improving farmers' risk levels. Hydrology transport models calculate the amount of nitrate from each user that leaches to a given location, and a mathematical optimisation calculates the best way to allocate nitrate among users, while ensuring that the total nitrate at the location stays below required limits. This market approach could incentivise people to fence their pasture, build wetlands, and manage sewage plants more effectively.

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