Seminar archives

Here is a list of past seminars. For more information contact the seminar organiser Robin Harrison.


24 Feb
Sanghyun Hong (UC PhD candidate)
Liquidity and Asset Prices


3 Mar
Mark Carrodus & Glenn Boyle, UC
To carry or not to carry, that is the question

17 Mar
Jim Alm, Tulane University
Is Public Economics Useful for Public Policy?

24 Mar
Andy Puckett, University of Tennessee
The Performance of Institutional Investor Trades Across the Supply Chain

29 Mar (Law 409)
Justus Haucap Heinrich-Heine, University in Dusseldorf
Selling Gasoline as a By-Product: The Impact of Market Structure on Local Prices

31 Mar
Jianhua Duan, UC
PhD proposal presentation



5 May (Law 105, 12 - 5pm)
1st Hons/MCom presentations

12 May
Andrea Menclova & Ann Brower; UC and Lincoln University
Does the relationship between research performance and academic rank differ by gender in New Zealand universities? 

19 May
David Racz, Corvinus University of Budapest  
Performance Measurement of Actively Managed Investment Funds

26 May
Asaad Ali, UC
PhD proposal presentation


2 Jun
Ray Rees, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
How do Entrepreneurial Portfolios Respond to Income Taxation: Theory and Evidence

9 Jun
Tom Coupe and Natalia Chaban;  UC and NCRE
The impact of the European Song Contest on European Identity

16 Jun (Law 409)
Alfred Guender, UC
Credit Prices vs. Credit Quantities as Predictors of Economic Activity in Europe: Which Tell a Better Story?


17 Jul (Monday, Law 108, 5:30 - 6:30pm)
2017 Condliffe Memorial Lecture
Andrew Atkeson, UCLA
A Historical Perspective on the Challenge of Regulating Large Banks

21 Jul
Dennis Wesselbaum, Otago
Macroprudential Regulation and Bubbles; Estimated DSGE model and counterfactual analysis of different macroprudential policies

28 Jul (College Lounge, Law 236)
Bob Reed, UC
The Problem With Hypothesis Testing


4 Aug
Warwick Anderson, UC
’If Not, Why Not' Form of Governance: Do Firm-specific Variables explain the Nature of Justification?

7 Aug (Monday, Law 105, 3pm)
Robert Webb, University of Virginia
The Impact of Latency Sensitive Training on High Frequency Arbitrage Opportunities 

11 Aug
Bill Rea, UC
Network Methods and Private Investor Portfolios

18 Aug
Richard Watt and Ben Davies, UC
Bundling and Insurance of Independent Risks

25 Aug
Anindya Banerjee, University of Birmingham, with Victor Bystrov and Paul Mizen
Structural factor analysis of interest rate pass through in four large euro area economies


15 Sept (Law 409, 12 - 5pm)
2nd Hons/MCom presentations

22 Sept
Presentation to undergraduate students about postgraduate programmes in our Department

29 Sept
Joanna Cobley, UC PBRF Advisor
PBRF Plan for Economics


6 Oct
Rian Hilmawan (PhD progress)
An investigation of the resource curse in Indonesia

20 Oct
Devmali Perera, UC PhD Student
Essays on Agriculture Commodity Markets

27 Oct
Jan Feld, Victoria University of Wellington
The Effect of Peer Gender on Major Choice


Mantobaye Moundigbaye
Some Recent Results from my PhD Research

Christina Atanasova, Simon Fraser University
Do all diversified firms hold less cash? 


Nazila Alinaghi, UC
Recent Results from My PhD Research

19-Feb (Law 105)
MCom students’ presentations

Aaron Smith, University of California Davis
The Incentive to Overinvest in Energy Efficiency: Evidence From Hourly Smart-Meter Data


4-Mar (Law 411, 11am)
Paul Koch, University of Kansas
Insider Investment Horizon

Chris Doucouliagos, Deakin University
Credible evidence-based policy when the evidence base lacks credibility

10-Mar (Thurs, 3pm)
Jedrzej Bialkowski, UC
NZ valuers’ assessment techniques: Evidence from Christchurch

Martin Bohl, Westfälische Wilhelms-University Münster
Price Discovery in Thinly Traded Futures Markets: How Thin is Too Thin?

Guido Erreygers, University of Antwerp
Decomposing Socioeconomic Inequality of Health



6-May (Law 105)
Presentations by Honours and Master students

20-May (Law 105)
Dimitri Margaritis, University of Auckland
Liquidity Patterns in the U.S. Corporate Bond Market

Xiaopeng Wei (UC PhD candidate)
Does the tail wag the dog? Evidence from fund flow to VIX ETFs and ETNs


20-Jun (Law 236, 9.30am) 
Wessel Vermeulen, University of Oxford
The Impact of Windfalls: Firm Selection, Trade and Welfare

23-Jun (Law 236, 9.30am) 
Tom Coupe, Kyiv School of Economics
The Impact of War on Happiness: the Case of Ukraine

27-Jun (Law 236, 9.30am) 
Claire Boeing-Reicher, Kiel Institute for the World Economy
Public Wages, Public Employment, and Business Cycle Volatility: Evidence from U.S. Metro Areas 


15-Jul  (Law 105) 
Bernd Hayo, Marburg Centre for Institutional Economics
New Zealanders Attitude Towards, and Knowledge of, Macroeconomic Policy Issues

29-Jul (Law 105) 
Hannah Zhan, UC PhD student
Does the Fama-French Five-Factor Asset Pricing Model work for Emerging Markets? Evidence from the Chinese Stock Market.


5-Aug (Law 105, 1p.m)
Philip Grossman, Monash University
Gender, Coordination, and Reward in a Leadership Game

12-Aug (Law 105)
Glenn Boyle, UC
The value of imperfect information in an imperfect market

19-Aug (Law 105)
Rescheduled to 7 Oct.

26-Aug (Law 105)
Samangi Bandaranayake PhD candidate
PhD proposal presentation


9-Sept (Time and place TBA)
Presentations by Honours and Master students

16-Sept (Law 105)
Presentation To Undergraduate Students

23-Sept (Law 105)
Nicolas Schmitt, Eskine Fellow, Simon Fraser University
A Theory of Intermediation in Supply Chains Based on Inventory Control

30-Sept (Law 105, 3.00pm) 
Prof Garry Twite, University of Melbourne
Are PIPEs a Bet on Dark Horses?


7-Oct (Law 105)
Rossitsa Yalamova, Erskine Fellow
The Structural Crisis of Neoliberal Capitalism

14-Oct (Law 105)
Dominique Gross, Simon Fraser University
Immigrants Generate Economic Growth. Why do People Want a Change in Policy?

21-Oct (Law 409)
Jan Keoman, UC
PhD proposal presentation

 28-Oct (Law 409)
Takeshi Goto, Nanzan University, Nagoya 
Fixed Payments in Production Contracts for Private Brand Products: An Economic Analysis of Japanese Subcontract Act


18-Nov (Law 409, 3pm)
Isabelle Sin, MOTU
Testing Theories of Gender Discrimination using Linked Employer-Employee Data


9-Dec (Law 409, 10.30am)
Andreas Ortmann, UNSW
On the Deepening Replication Crisis in the Social Sciences and What to Do About It


Shanshan Wei; NZEEL, University of Canterbury
Social Influence in Charitable Giving


4-Mar (Wednesday, 2.00pm)
William Schulze, Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University
Beyond Prospect Theory: Experiments Testing the Role of Emotion in Decision-Making

Christina Atanasova, Simon Fraser University
Multi-market Trading, Price Spreads and LiquidityEvidence from Cross-listed Companies

Eric Gaus, Ursinus College, Pennsylvania
Adaptive Learning, Heterogenous Expectations and Forward Guidance


1-Apr (Wednesday, 2.00pm Room 411 LAW)
Professor Glenn Boyle, University of Canterbury
An Assessment of the Christchurch Cycleway Network Business Case: Justification by Faith Alone?


Daniel Schunk, Johannes Gutenberg University (Mainz)
An intervention to improve self-control and educational attainment: Preliminary evidence from a randomized-controlled field experiment

6-May (Wednesday, Time and place TBA)
Graeme Wheller, Governor of RBNZ
Title TBA

8-May (Friday, Times TBA Room 409 LAW)
Honours student’s presentations

Jürgen Wolters, Free University of Berlin
Characterizing the Financial Cycle: Evidence from a Frequency Domain Analysis

Katrina Dankova, University of Canterbury
Overconfidence and excess entry


Akinwande Atanda
PhD Proposal

17-Jun (Wednesday, 2pm Room 409, LAW)
Xiaopeng Wei
PhD presentation

Part I: Nazila Alinaghi.  Part II: Mantobaye Moundigbaye:-  presenting their research prior to the NZAE conference


Richard Meade, AUT
U.S. Savings Banks' Demutualization and Depositor Welfare

Bob Reed, UC
Replications in Economics


Kuntal Das, UC
The Effect of Exchange Rates on Chinese Trade: A Dual Margin Approach 

Richard Watt, UC
An Analysis of Insurance in the Newsboy Problem

Stephen Knowles, University of Otago
Deadlines, Procrastination, and Inattention in Charitable Giving: A Field Experiment

Jedrzej Bialkowski, UC
SRI Funds: Investor Demand, Exogenous Shocks and ESG Profiles


Alan Cameron, Macquarie Bank Limited
Securitisation in an evolving regulatory environment

Start time is 3.15 p.m.

18-Sept (4pm, Law 409)
Andrea Menclova, UC
Maternal Stress and Birth Outcomes: Evidence from an Unexpected Earthquake Swarm

Dr Rabindra Nepal, University of Queensland
Testing for Market Integration in the Australian National Electricity Market


6-Oct (Tuesday, Law 409)
David Dickinson, Appalachian State University
The effects of sleep restriction and circadian mismatch on simple social interactions

Carlos M. Fernández-Márquez, Autonomous University of Madrid
A Computational Model for the Effects of the Internet on the Diffusion of Innovations

Cheng Zhan (Hannah), UC
How do you evaluate performance of mutual funds in emerging markets? -Analysis of Chinese Mutual Fund Industry

Bob Reed, UC
Econometric Discoveries from ECON 324 


17-Nov (Tuesday, 6-7pm, Law 108)

The Condliffe lecture 

Terry Anderson; PERC—the Property and Environment Research Center and Hoover Institute, Stanford University
Environmental Markets: Lessons from and for Fisheries’ Management (YouTube Video)


13-Feb (Thursday, at 3.10, Venue E6 Lecture Theatre)
Professor Jiti Gao  (Monash University)
Nonlinear Statistical Models in Economics and Finance

Nick Feltovich  (Monash University)
Do positional goods inhibit saving? Evidence from a life-cycle experiment

21-Feb (Friday, late start at 3:30)
William Hsiao (Harvard School of Public Health)
Economic Experimentation for Health System Reform: Design and Findings

25-Feb (Tuesday, 11:45am, in Undercoft 101) 
Hu Xiolian (2014 Prime Minister’s China Fellow)
Monetary Policy in China: Past, Present and Future

27-Feb (Thursday, 4pm, in Dovedale Lecture Theatre L1)
William Hsiao (Harvard School of Public Health)
The Future of the New Zealand Health Care System

Paan Jindapon, University of Alabama
The rent over-investment puzzle and higher order risk attitudes


Ray Rees, University of Munich
Risk and Precautionary Savings in Two-Person Households

John Spraggon, University of Massachusetts – Amherst
Price Controls and Banking in Emissions Trading: An Experimental Evaluation

26 Mar (Wednesday, 3.15pm) 
Hodaka Morita, University of New South Wales
Investment in Outside Options and Other-regarding Behavior: An Experimental Investigation



Honours student presentations

14-May (Wednesday)
Ron Alquist, Bank of Canada
Commodity-Price Comovement and Global Economic Activity

Bart Frijns, AUT
The Cross-listing Decision and the Home Bias in International Equity Investments

William Trainer, University of Otago, East Tennessee State University
Exchange Traded Funds

Duncan James, Fordham University, NY
Risky Curves - On the Empirical Failure of Expected Utility


20-Jun (Venue Law 411)
Yongcheol Shin, University of York
Dynamic Panels with Threshold Effects and Endogeneity


7-Jul (Monday, 10.30am, Venue Law 526)
David Card, UC Berkeley
Does Gifted Education Work? For Which Students?

8-Jul (Tuesday, 7pm, Venue C3)
David Card, UC Berkeley
The Condliffe Lecture: The Economics of Immigration and Immigration Reform

16-Jul (Wednesday, Venue Law 409)
Seamus Hogan, University of Canterbury
The decision to bat first in ODI cricket: Are economists smarter than international cricket captains?

30-Jul (Wednesday, 2:30pm, Venue TBA)
Graeme Wheeler, Reserve Bank of NZ 
Managing in a world of increasingly complex Interlinkages


Robert Webb, University of Virginia
On the Intraday Relation between the VIX and its Futures

8-Aug (3pm)
Richard Mumo (PhD candidate)
Post Catastrophe Insurance Supply and Demand: Theory and Evidence

11-Aug (Monday, 2.00PM, Law 409)
Nazila Alinaghi
PhD proposal

13-Aug (Wednesday, 3:00pm, Law 409)
Mantobaye Moundigbaye 
PhD proposal 

Ajai Singh, Lehigh University, Pennsylvania
The Supply Effect and the Share Repurchase Puzzle: A Fresh Look with Evidence from Japan

Toby Daglish, Victoria University of Wellington
Auctioning the Digital Dividend: A Model for Spectrum Auctions


10-Sep (Wednesday 12.00pm, Venue Law 409) 
Katarina Dankova, University of Canterbury
NZEEL Brownbag: Job Assignment, Transparency and Social Comparisons

Honours student presentations

18-Sep (Thursday, 5.00pm, Venue Law 108) 
Robert Slonim, University of Sydney
NZEEL Distinguished Lecture: The Science of Giving, Economics and Improving Blood Supply

Chris Hajzler, University of Otago

25-Sep (Thursday, 12.00pm, Venue Law 411) 
Michal Durinik, Masaryk University
NZEEL Brownbag: Asymmetric Dominance Effect in Choice: Not All Decoys Are Created Equal


Richard Froyen, University of North Carolina
A Century and Three-Quarters of the Bank Rate and Long-term Interest Rates in the United Kingdom

9-Oct (Thursday, 12.00pm, Venue Law 411)
Milos Fisar, Masaryk University
NZEEL Brownbag: TBA

24-Oct (Venue Law 105)
John Walley, Western Ontario
Numerical Analysis of Impacts from Possible Mega Trade Deals (PowerPoint)


Mark Carrodus
UC PhD proposal


Joep Sonnemans, University of Amsterdam
Individual decision making in a social context

Joel Harper, Oklahoma State
Flight to Safety

20-Mar (Wednesday)
Saraswata Chaudhuri, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
GMM with Multiple Missing Variables

25-Mar (Monday)
Stephen Taylor, University of Lancaster
Bankruptcy probabilities inferred from option prices


Stephen Knowles, University of Otago
What Do Aid Donors Care About?

Post Grad presentations
Daniel Woods: Nice to you, even nicer to me: Does self-serving generosity diminish reciprocal behavior?
Katarina Dankova: House Money Effect and Negative Reciprocity


Honours Students' presentations

Nam-Hyun Kim, University of Adelaide
Semi-parametric Analysis of Shape-Invariant Engle Curves with Control Function Approach

Douglas Allen, Simon Fraser University
The Grounds for Marriage: Differences Across Sexual Orientations

Jacques Poot,University of Waikato
Infrastructure and trade: a meta-analysis

Michael LaCour-Little, California State - Fullerton
House Price Declines or Equity Dilution? A Close Look at California Foreclosures during 2006-2008


Maryam Ishaq
UC PhD proposal


10-Jul (Wednesday)
Prof. Ed Glaeser, Harvard University
Cities in the Developing World

Duncan James, Fordham University, New York 
Cross-Institutional Comparisons of Risky Choice

26-Jul (Held in KH03 at 3:30pm)
Graeme Wheeler, Governor  RBNZ
Global Interlinkages


Gail Pacheco, AUT
Demand in New Zealand Hospitals: Expect the Unexpected

13-Aug (Tuesday)
Kenneth Kletzer, University of California Santa Cruz
National Public Debt and Fiscal Insurance in a Monetary Union with Ramsey Taxes

Paul Conway, NZ Productivity Council
Productivity Growth in New Zealand

19-Aug (Monday)
Barry Sopher, Rutgers University
An Experiment on Partnership Protocols for Bilateral Trade with Incomplete Information


Honours Students’ presentations

23-Sept (Monday)
Alex Frino, University of Sydney
Asymmetry in the Permanent Price Impact of Block Purchases and Sales: Theory and Empirical Evidence

Prof. Ruth Towse, CIPPM Bournemouth University
Digitization in the Creative Economy


16-Oct (Wednesday)
James Yetman, Bank for International Settlements
Globalisation, pass-through and the optimal policy response to exchange rates

Robert Bruenig, Australian National University
Child care and women’s labour supply in Australia


Christina Atanasova, Simon Fraser University
Familiarity Breed Alternative Investment: Evidence from Corporate Defined-Benefits Pension Plans

Jacob Madson, Monash University

Frank Bohn, Radboud University, Netherlands
Unconstrained by a Constitutional Budget Constraint – Retrospective and Rational Voting in a Political Forecast Cycle Model


James Tremewan
University of Vienna 
Social Preferences and Bounded Rationality in the Centipede Game

Joint Economics/Finance and Psychology Seminar
Werner Güth
Max Planck Institute of Economics
Procedural Fairness and Opportunism - Experimental Evidence for Fair Game Forms but Unfair Games

Martin Kocher
University of Munich
The fair employment hypothesis: Reciprocity in unstable environments


Jan Fidrmuc
Brunel University
The Impact of the National Minimum Wage on the Labour Market Outcomes of Young Workers

Frank Mueller-Langer
Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Munich
Optimal Pricing of Academic Journals in a Two-Sided Model: The Effect of Copyright

13-Mar (TUESDAY)
Daniel Thornton
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Quantitative Easing: A Model-Free Investigation of the Portfolio Balance Channel

Paul Heald
University of Illinois
Do Bad Things Happen When Works Fall into the Public Domain: The Market for Audiobooks

Richard Stapleton
Manchester University
Risk-Taking-Neutral Background Risks


Gunes Kamber
Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Financial Frictions and the Role of Investment Specific Technology Shocks in the Business Cycle


Ninghua Du
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Strategic Delegation in an Experimental Mixed Duopoly 

Honors presentations (No seminar)

David Fielding
University of Otago
Looking for Framing Effects in Expressive Voting Experiments

18-May (4:00-5:20pm)
Simon Loertscher
University of Melbourne
Fee-Setting Intermediaries: On Real Estate Agents, Stockbrokers, and Auction Houses

Roger Stover
Iowa State University
More on the Link between Deposit Insurance and Depositor Behaviour: Experimental Results


Roee Teper
University of Pittsburgh
Endowment as a Blessing


Mark Holmes
University of Waikato
To what extent are US regional incomes converging?

17-Jul (TUESDAY, 1-2pm)
NZEEL Brown Bag Seminar
Joanne Laban
University of Exeter
Culture and Risk Sharing Networks

Simon Gaechter
University of Nottingham
The Power of Social Relations for Coordination: The Magic of ‘Oneness’

Maria Garcia de la Vega
University of Nottingham
The internalization of the R&D and the knowledge production function

27-Jul (3:15-4:35)
John Nofsinger
Washington State University
Conservation, Discrimination, and Salvation: Investors' Social Concerns in the Stock Market


Jason Shachat
Xiamen University
The Hayek hypothesis and long run competitive equilibrium: an experimental investigation

Steven Stillman
University of Otago
The Impact of User Fees on Health Care Utilisation: Evidence from a Policy Experiment

8-Aug (WEDNESDAY, 6:30-8pm in Undercroft)
NZEEL Distinguished Lecture
Simon Gaechter
University of Nottingham
What If we could predict human behavior in labor markets? (Video)

Ronald Oaxaca
University of Arizona
Movin’ on Up: Hierarchical Occupational Segmentation and Gender Wage Gaps

John Gibson
University of Waikato
Which Journal Rankings Best Explain Academic Salaries? Evidence from the University of California


5-Sep (WEDNESDAY, 6:30-8pm in Undercroft)
What If Lecture
Maroš Servátka
What If we could increase trust and trustworthiness?

Honors presentations (No seminar)

Alex Frino (University of Sydney) &
Robert Webb (University of Virginia and KAIST Business School)
The Geographic Origin of Order Flow and Price Discovery

Jean Helwege
University of South Carolina
Financial Firm Bankruptcy and Contagion


Berk Özler
Development Research Group, The World Bank
Schooling, Income, and HIV Risk: Evidence from a cluster randomized trial in Malawi

Henk Berkman
University of Auckland
Drained by DRIPs: The Hidden Cost of Buying on the Dividend Pay Date

Rachel Webb
University of Canterbury


Herbert Gintis
Central European University
The Stability of Walrasian General Equilibrium and its Relevance to Managing the Financial Sector

  • The Dynamics of General Equilibrium
  • Complex Economic Dynamics: Agent-based and Analytical Models

26-Nov (MONDAY, 10:30-11:30am)
Ilan Noy
Victoria University of Wellington
What happened to Kobe? A reassessment of the impact of the 1995 earthquake in Japan


5-Dec (WEDNESDAY, 6:30-8pm in Undercroft)
Condliffe Memorial Lecture
John Cochrane
University of Chicago
Debt and Inflation

John Cochrane 
University of Chicago
Discount Rates


Ronald Bird
University of Technology, Sydney
Performance Implications of Active Management of Institutional Mutual Funds

23-Feb (WEDNESDAY) (Cancelled)
Dirk Engelmann
University of Mannheim
Does a Buyer Benefit from Bad Reputation? Theory and Experiments on Auctions with Default

25-Feb (Cancelled)
Philipp Engler
Free University of Berlin
Beggar-Thyself or Beggar-Thy-Neighbour? The Welfare Effects of Monetary Policy


4-Mar (Cancelled)
Robert Cairns
McGill University 
Measurement of Traded and Non-traded Capital

11-Mar (Cancelled)
Gunes Kamber
Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Financial Intermediation and International Business Cycle

18-Mar (Cancelled) Rescheduled on 12-Aug
Leo Krippner
Reserve Bank of New Zealand
A theoretical foundation for the Nelson and Siegel class of yield curve models, and an empirical application to U.S. yield curve dynamics

25-Mar (Cancelled)
Jack Cooney
Texas Tech University


1-Apr (Cancelled)
El-hadj Bah
University of Auckland

8-Apr (Cancelled)
Stephen Knowles
University of Otago
Giving to Africa and Perceptions of Poverty


4-May (WEDNESDAY) (Cancelled)
Jerry Parwada
University of New South Wales
Were Bank Bailouts Effective during the 2007-2009 Financial Crisis? Evidence from Contagion Risk in the Global Hedge Fund Industry

6-May (Cancelled)
Simon Loertscher
University of Melbourne

Honours presentations (NO seminar)

20-May (Cancelled)
Steven Stillman
Motu Economic and Public Policy Research

27-May (Cancelled)
Roger Stover
Iowa State University


10-Jun (Cancelled)
Bruce Elmslie
University of New Hampshire


Honours presentations (NO seminar)


Volodymyr Lugovskyy
Indiana University, Bloomington
Export Growth and Credit Constraints

Daniela Puzzello
Indiana University, Bloomington
Gift Exchange versus Monetary Exchange: Experimental Evidence

10-Aug (WEDNESDAY) (Cancelled)
Tim Cason
Purdue University
Bidder Selection in Common Value Auctions

Leo Krippner
Reserve Bank of New Zealand
A theoretical foundation for the Nelson and Siegel class of yield curve models, and an empirical application to U.S. yield curve dynamics

Stephen Knowles
University of Otago
Giving to Africa and Perceptions of Poverty


Honours recruitment (NO seminar)

Stratford Douglas
West Virginia University
Coal Counties, Sample Selection, and Jed Clampett's Curse

Seamus Hogan
University of Canterbury
A Coordination-Failure Model of Demand Management in Electricity Markets

El-hadj Bah
University of Auckland
Impact of the Business Environment on Output and Productivity in Africa


5-Oct (WEDNESDAY 11:00am - 12:00pm)
Anthony Leddin
University of Limerick
The Crisis in the Eurozone: An Irish Perspective

Hodaka Morita
University of New South Wales
Knowledge transfer and partial equity ownership

Charles Noussair
Tilburg University
Higher Order Risk Attitudes, Demographics, and Financial Decisions

Mahendrarajah (Nimal) Nimalendran
University of Florida
Informed Trading in Dark Pools


Martin Weitzman
Harvard University
Economics of Climate Change (Video)

Dieter Nautz
Free University of Berlin
Central Bank Communication and the Perception of Monetary Policy by Financial Market Experts


Simon Gächter
University of Nottingham
Performance incentives and the dynamics of voluntary cooperation

David S. Jacks 
Simon Fraser University
Trade Booms, Trade Busts, and Trade Costs


Brendan Moyle
Massey University
Trade Bites Back: The Economics of the Estuarine Crocodile Recovery

Stuart Gillan
Texas Tech University
Expertise, connections, and the labor market for corporate directors: Is it what you know or who you know?

Nicolas Treich
Toulouse School of Economics
Eliciting beliefs: proper scoring rules, incentives, stakes and hedging


Martin Berka
Massey University
What determines European real exchange rates?


Charles Plott
California Institute of Technology
Multiple Market Interactions and General Equilibrium in Economics Experiment

Jan Magnus
Tilburg University
WALS Model Averaging


Honours presentations (NO seminar)

Anthony Endres
University of Auckland
Schumpeter's 'Conduct Model' of the Dynamic Entrepreneur: Nature, Scope and Distinctiveness

Laura Meriluoto
University of Canterbury
Email Pricing

Michael McAleer
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Optimal Risk Management Before, During and After the 2008-09 Financial Crisis
download two papers here: Paper 1 and Paper 2


Julian Wright
National University of Singapore
Punishment strategies in repeated games: Evidence from experimental markets


Alex Frino
University of Sydney
The impact of maker-taker pricing of exchange services on securities market behaviour: evidence from the NZ stock exchange

Ronald Oaxaca
University of Arizona
You Receive a Lighter Prison Sentence Because You are a Woman or a White? An Economic Analysis of Federal Criminal Sentencing Guidelines

Tomasz Wisniewski
University of Leicester
Piety and Profits: Stock Market Anomaly During the Muslim Holy Month

Hope Corman
Rider University
Effects of Child Health on Housing


Hugh Rockoff
Rutgers University
Upon Daedalian Wings of Paper Money: Adam Smith and The Crisis of 1772

Morten Lau
Newcastle University
Intertemporal Utility and the Discount Rate

Max Stearns
University of Maryland
Direct (Anti-)Democracy

Nicolas Groshenny
Evaluating monetary policy shocks in the post-1984 era


Honours presentations (NO seminar)

15-Sep (WEDNESDAY, 2-2:45pm, lunchroom)
Morten Lau
Newcastle University
An Introduction to Bahavioral Econometrics

Honours recruitment (NO seminar)

Jonathan Klick
University of Pennsylvania
Valid Inference in Single-Firm, Single-Event Studies


Cary Deck
University of Arkansas
Affecting Policy by Manipulating Prediction Markets: Experimental Evidence

Susmita Roy
University of Canterbury
The impact of unemployment rates on marriage and divorce

Internal Brown-Bag Series



Bob Reed
University of Canterbury 
"Measuring the Impact of Switching to All-Multiple Choice Assessments: Resampling the Counterfactual".



Jedrzej Bialkowski
University of Canterbury
"Emerging Market Mutual Fund Performance: Evidence for Poland".



Andrea Menclova
University of Canterbury
"Midwifery in New Zealand and Other Research Tales".


Stephen Hickson
University of Canterbury
"Are Constructed-Response and Multiple-Choice Questions the Same for Everyone?".

Network Economics Series

By Julian Wright, National University of Singapore

All talks are on Friday, 9:00-11:00am, in room C534, with the exception of Thursday 6 May which is from 3:00-5:00 p.m. in room C534.

30-Apr - Network effects

6-May - Introduction to two-sided platforms

14-May - Optimal two-sided platform pricing for a monopoly

21-May - Application to the price structure in a payment card network

28-May - Competition in two-sided platforms

4-June - Application to mobile phone termination pricing


Mar 2 (Monday; C402 - Virtual Europe Room)

Michael Grossman
City University of New York
Parental Education and Child Health: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Taiwan

Mar 6

Ted Bergstrom
University of California at Santa Barbara
One Chance in a Million: Altruism and the Bone Marrow Registry

Mar 13

Guo Jian Wu (Allan)
University of Canterbury 
The Expectations Hypothesis of the Term Structure for New Zealand 

Mar 18 (Wednesday)

Hal Varian
University of California at Berkeley
Condliffe lecture

Mar 20

Hal Varian
University of California at Berkeley

Mar 27

Chris Bruce
University of Calgary
The Use of Collaborative Decision-Making Processes to Develop Public Policy


Apr 3

Nicholas Schmitt
Simon Fraser University
Retailers, International Trade and Competition 

Apr 15 (Wednesday, 10-11:30am)

Simon Anderson
University of Virginia
Comparative Advertising 


May 1

Liam Lenten
La Trobe University
A Hedonic Model of Player Wage Determination from the Indian Premier League Auction 

May 8
Honours presentations, no seminar

May 15

Ron Balvers
West Virginia University
What Do Financial Markets Reveal about Global Warming? 

May 22

Takashi Kurosaki
Hitotsubashi University
Intertemporal Choice and Inequality in Low-Income Countries: Evidence from Thailand, Pakistan, and India 


June 5

Richard Meade
Is Vertical Integration the Natural State of Affairs in Electricity? 

June 12

Daniel Waggoner
Atlanta Fed
Understanding Markov-Switching Rational Expectations Models 


July 17

Stuart Gillan
Texas Tech University
On Litigation Risk, Disclosure, and Regulation: Evidence from Canadian Firms Cross-listed in the United States

July 24

Kirdan Lees
Monopolistic Banks, Fixed Retail Rates and Housing: Implications for Open Economy Inflation Targeting 

July 29 (Wednesday)

Ed Bayley
University of Canterbury Graduate
Good Faith in Contract: A Law and Economics Perspective 


Aug 7

John F. Raffensperger
University of Canterbury
Matching Users’ Rights to Available Ground Water with a Smart Market 

Aug 14

Marcelo Medeiros
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
Let's Do It Again: Bagging Equity Premium Predictors 

Aug 21

Qian Sun
Xiamen University
Non-negotiable Shares, Controlling Shareholders, and Dividend Payments in China 


Sept 25

Seamus Hogan
University of Canterbury
"$4.3b? How much overcharging has there been in the electricity market?"


Oct 2

Robin Grieves
University of Otago
"The Search for Relative Value in Bonds"

Oct 9

James Alm
Georgia State University
"Taxpayer Information Assistance Services and Tax Reporting Behavior"

Oct 16

Janet Johnson
Georgia State University
"Structure, Conduct and Performance of the Nonprofit Sector: Some Research Questions"

Staff Club LUNCHEON: Nonprofit Organisations

Oct 23

Kevin Davis
University of Melbourne
Exchange-Traded Contracts for Difference: Design, Pricing and Effects

Oct 30

IIke Onur
University of New South Wales
Last-Minute Bidding in Sequential Auctions, with Unobserved, Stochastic Entry 


Dec 11

Lew Evans
Victoria University of Wellington
An Equilibrium Model of the New Zealand Electricity Market

Dec 16 (Wednesday)

Martin Dufwenberg
University of Arizona
Hold-Up: With a Vengeance

Dec 18

Isabelle Sin
Stanford University
Book Translations as Information Flows: How detrimental was Communism to the flow of ideas?


February 29

Nick Hanley
University of Stirling
Economics indicators of sustainable development 


March 4

Jeffrey Williamson
Harvard University
Ancient Inequality 

March 7

Chia-Ying Chang
Victoria University
The Role of Market Frictions on Innovative and Imitative Activities: A Search-Theoretical Approach

March 14

Steve Stillman
Housing Markets and Migration: Evidence from New Zealand (PowerPoint, 494KB)

March 19

Morris Altman
University of Saskatchewan
Behavioral Economics for Smart People? Behavioral Economics, the Rationality Assumption, and Public Policy 

March 28

Norman Gemmell
NZ Treasury
How, and How Far, Do Corporate or Personal Tax Rates Matter for Growth? Some OECD Evidence 


April 4

Alex Field
Santa Clara University
Procyclical TFP and the Cyclicality of Growth in Output per Hour, 1890-2004 

April 11

John McDonald
Flinders University
The Domesday Economy of England, 1086


May 2

Cary Deck
University of Arkansas 
Measuring Risk Attitudes Controlling for Personality Traits

May 21

Michael Beenstock
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Evaluating the Effect of Self-selected Treatment on Drug Addiction

May 23

Ben Marshall
Massey University
How Accurate is the January Barometer?

May 30

Maros Servatka
University of Canterbury
Strategic Use of Trust


June 6

Lyndon Moore
Victoria University
Dividend Policies in an Unregulated Market: The London Stock Exchange 1895-1905 


July 25

James Cox
Georgia State University
Is There a Plausible Theory for Decision Under Risk?
Risky Decisions in the Large and in the Small: Theory and Experiment 


August 1

John Holland
University of Glasgow
A Grounded Theory of Fund Management

August 8

Bram Cadsby
University of Guelph
Are You Paying Your Employees to Cheat? An Experimental Investigation 

August 13

Gregory Clark
University of California at Davis
Survival of the Richest:  Malthus, Darwin and Modern Economic Growth 

August 15

David Mayes
University of Auckland
The Impact of Asset Prices and Their Information Value for Monetary Policy 

August 22

John Panzar
University of Auckland
The Interaction between Regulatory and Antitrust Policies in a Liberalized Postal Sector 

August 29

Jim Engle-Warnick
McGill University
Ambiguity Aversion and Portfolio Choice in Small-Scale Peruvian Farming 


September 26

Jarrad Harford
University of Washington
Shareholder Cross-holdings and Their Effect on Acquisition Decisions 


October 3

Jim Schallheim
University of Utah
A Test of the Substitution between Debt and Leases Using Sale-and-Leaseback Transactions 

October 10

David Perez-Castrillo
Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona
Codes of Best Practice in Competitive Markets for Managers

October 17

Ananish Chaudhuri
University of Auckland
Conditional Cooperation and Social Learning in a Laboratory Public Goods Game

October 24

Clive Granger
University of California at San Diego
A Discussion of Time Series Methods in Current Economics

October 31 (held in Commerce Coppertop Rm220)

Roger Bowden and Dawn Lorimer
Victoria University
The NZ term structure: Going long in infrastructure 


November 10 Monday 3:10-4:30pm (held in Commerce Rm402)

Eric Leeper
University of Indiana
Fiscal Foresight: Analytics and Econometrics 


February 22

Panicos Demetriades

University of Leicester
Financial Development, Openness and Institutions: Evidence from Country Panel Data

February 27

John Landon-Lane
Rutgers University
A Full Information Bayesian Approach to the Evaluation and Estimation of DSGE Models


March 2

Dean Hyslop
New Zealand Treasury
Worker-Firm Heterogeneity and Matching: An analysis using worker and firm fixed effects estimated from LEED

March 9

Karen Conway
University of New Hampshire
The Taxation of Social Security Benefits and Elderly Labor Supply: An Unexplored Natural Experiment

March 16

Mark Blaug
University of Amsterdam
The Fundamental Theorems of Modern Welfare Economics

March 23

Ruth Towse
Erasmus University of Rotterdam
Regulating Copyright Collecting Societies

March 30

Peter Morgan 
University of Buffalo
Matching and Segregation: An Experimental Study


April 13

Richard Watt
University of Canterbury 
Two Developments in the Economic Theory of Risk Aversion

April 20

Nikos Nikiforakis
University of Melbourne
Sanctioning Without Thinking of the Consequences? A Social Dilemma Experiment

April 27

Rhema Vaithianathan
University of Auckland
Lucky Last? Intra-Sibling Allocation of Child Labor and Schooling


May 4

Mark Holmes
Waikato University
On the Sustainability of the EU’s Current Account Deficits

May 18

David Fielding
Otago University
Regional Asymmetries in the Impact of Monetary Policy Shocks on Prices: Evidence from U.S. Cities

May 25

Marc Weidenmier
Claremont-McKenna College
Competing with the NYSE


June 1

Jeremy Clark
University of Canterbury
The efficiency of collaborative public policy making: an experimental test

June 8

Ignacio Moreno
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
An Experimental Comparison of Two Insurance Contracts


July 20

Eugenio Miravette
University of Texas
Constrained Monopoly Pricing with Endogenous Participation

July 27

Toby Daglish
Victoria University
Default Risk in the U.S. Mortgage Market


August 3

Bob Breunig
Australian National University
Improved Estimates of Short and Long-run Price Elasticities of Petrol for Australia

August 10

Laura Meriluoto
University of Canterbury
Price Competition When Not All Customers Know of All Firms


August 17

Arthur Grimes
Spatial Determinants of Land Prices in Auckland: Does the Metropolitan Urban Limit Have an Effect?

August 22 (Wednesday 3:10 - 4:30pm)

Robin Hanson
George Mason University
The Irrationality of Disagreement

August 31

Dyuti Banerjee
Monash University
Copyright protection and innovation in the presence of commercial piracy


September 7

Tim Hazledine
Auckland University
Pricing, Competition and Policy in Australasian Air Travel Markets

September 14

Viv Hall
Victoria University
An Unobserved Components Common Cycle for Australasia? Implications for a Common Currency


October 3 (Wednesday 3:10 - 4:30pm, Coppertop - Second level of the Commerce Building)

Andrew Harvey
University of Cambridge
Modelling the Phillips Curve with Unobserved Components

October 5

Eric Crampton
University of Canterbury
Implementing election stock markets … and beyond!

October 12

Johannes Van Biesebroeck
University of Toronto
Outsourcing when Investments are Specific and Complementary

October 17 (Wednesday 3:10 - 4:30pm)

Sumon Majumdar
Queens University
The Leader as Catalyst


February 22

John Lott
American Enterprise Institute
Is Newspaper Coverage of Economic Events Politically Biased?

February 23

Glenn Harrison
University of Central Florida
Representative agents in lottery choice experiments - one wedding and a decent funeral

February 24

Workshop on Experimental Economics


March 1 (Wednesday)

Peter Zwiefel
University of Zurich
Measuring Willingness to Pay for Health Insurance

March 3

Dick Herring
Upenn/RBNZ Fellow
Real Estate Booms and Banking Busts:  An International Perspective

March 10

Curtis Eaton
University of Calgary
Well-Being and Affluence in the Presence of a Veblen Good

March 15 (Wednesday)

Seppo Honkapohja
University of Cambridge
Near-Rational Exuberance

March 17

Scott Rozelle
University of California, Davis
Rise and Fall of Local State Owned Enterprises in Rural China

March 22

William T Dickens
The Brookings Institution
The Interaction of Labor Markets and Inflation: Analysis of Micro Data from the International Wage Flexibility Project

March 24

Frank Milne
Queens University
Market Distortions and Corporate Governance

March 31

John Raffensperger
University of Canterbury
A Model Based Spot Market for Water


April 7

Peter Kennedy
Simon Fraser University
The Macroeconomics Principles Course: What Should They Be Doing?


May 3 (Wedneday)

Domenico Piccolo
Universita di Napoli Federico II
Statistical models for evaluation and preference data

May 10 (Wednesday)

Glenn Harrison
University of Central Florida
Choice Behavior, Asset Integration and Natural Reference Points

May 12

Olli Tahvonen
Finnish Forest Research Institute (METLA)
Stage-structured population models and optimal harvesting of biological resources

May 19

Doug Allen
Simon Fraser University
The Duel of Honor: Screening for Unobservable Social Capital


July 7

Kerry Papps
Cornell University
The effects of divorce risk on the labour supply of married couples

July 21

Ngo Van Long
University of McGill
A Mixed Bentham-Rawls Criterion for Intergenerational Equity

July 28

Scott Brooker
University of Canterbury
A Dynamic Programming Analysis of One-Day Cricket


August 4

Chris Waller
University of Notre Dame
Optimal Subsidization Policy with Flexible Prices

August 9 (Wednesday)

Denise Osborn
University of Manchester
A Random Walk Through Seasonal Adjustment: Noninvertable Moving Averages and Unit Root Tests

August 18

Bob Reed
University of Canterbury
A Monte Carlo Evaluation of Panel Data Estimators in Stata and 


September 20 (Wednesday)

Iris Claus
Taxation and Finance Constrained Firms

September 29

Glenn Boyle
Victoria University
Pay Peanuts and Get Monkeys: Evidence from Academia


October 6

Philip McCann
University of Waikato
Firm Innovation: The Influence of R&D Cooperation and the Geography of Human Capital Inputs

October 11 (Wednesday)

Walter Pengue
University of Buenos Aires
Ecological Economics as a supporting tool for Sustainable Agricultural Development

October 13

Francisco Vazquez
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Diversity, Persistence and Heteroclinic Chaos in Consumption Patterns

October 20

Tim Malony
University of Auckland
An Analysis of Job Mobility and Earnings in New Zealand Using Linked Employee-Employer Data


November 3

Alex Duncan
Economics of Co-operatives Versus Standard Companies

November 10

Gene Grossman
Princeton University
Trading Tasks: A Simple Theory of Offshoring


December 6 (Wednesday 2.10pm)

Ann Brower
Lincoln University
Property Rights and Prices: Preliminary Evidence from the Privatization 
of New Zealand Pastoral Leases


February 18

Julian Wright
National University of Singapore
Tacit collusion with price matching punishments

February 25

Ed Kane
Boston College
Costs and benefits of deposit insurance


March 4

David Fielding
University of Otago
Are Americans More Gung-Ho than Europeans?

March 18

Richard Arnott
Boston College
An Integrated Model of Downtown Parking and Trafffic Congestion


April 8

Ken Carlaw
University of Canterbury
Towards a Theory of TFP: Productivity and Technological Change in Australia and New Zealand

April 13 (Wednesday)

Chris Ruhm
U. North Carolina - Greensboro
Maternal employment and adolescent development

April 22

John Fountain
University of Canterbury
In defense of "improper" scoring rules: a microeconomic approach to patching up the low powered incentives of the quadratic scoring rule


May 6

Dean Hyslop
Understanding the Dynamic Effects of the SSP Applicant Experiment

May 13

Seamus Hogan
University of Canterbury

Private-sector Money as a Collusion Device

May 18 (Wednesday)

Richard Watt
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Optimal Accident Compensation Schemes

May 20

Mike Hoy
University of Guelph
Advantageous effects of regulatory adverse selection in the life insurance market

May 27

Rhema Vaithainathan
University of Auckland
Regulating Consumer Directed Advertising of Prescription Drugs


June 3

Richard Martin
Victoria University of Wellington
Voluntary contributions to a public good: A natural field experiment

June 10

Weshah Razzak

Department of Labour
Income, productivity and the real interest rate: why are New Zealand and Australia so different?


July 15

Niven Winchester
University of Otago
Liberating Middle Earth: How will Changes in the Global Trading System Affect New Zealand?

July 22

Bonggeun Kim
University of Canterbury
Can we trust retrospective recall to replace panel data?

July 29

Arthur Grimes
Regional cycles in Australasia (or regional house price dynamics)


August 5

Thomas Lubik
Johns Hopkins

Bayesian estimation of a small open economy

August 19

George Battese
UNE Armidale

Metafrontier Functions for the Study of Interregional Efficiencies and Productivities

August 31

Andreu Sansó
UIB - Spain
Common Periodic Cycles and the Interaction of Stocks and Flows in Daily Airport Data


September 2

Kerim Arin 
Massey University (Albany) 
Fiscal Policy and Economic Activity: US Evidence

September 9

Honours student presentations - no seminar

September 23

Marcelo C. Medeiros 
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) 
Tree-structured smooth transition regression models based on CART algorithm

September 28 (Wednesday)

David F. Hendry
Oxford University
Resolving Five `Intractable' Problems by Automatic Model Selection

September 30

James Galbraith
University of Texas
Toward a Global Macroeconomics of Rising Inequality


October 7

Charles Noussair
Emory University 
The Impact of Simple Institutions in Experimental Economies with Poverty Traps

October 14

Brian Copeland
University of British Columbia
Trade, Tragedy, and the Commons

October 21

Lana Friesen 
Lincoln University
Sequence Effects in Contingent Valuation Surveys: Are they due to Warm Glow Effects?

October 28

John Gibson 
University of Canterbury
Characterizing selection bias in the estimated income gains from migration: evidence from experimental data


November 2 (Wednesday 11am)

Michael McAleer (Adjunct Professor - University of Canterbury)
University of Western Australia 
The Ten Commandments for Determining Value-at-Risk

November 4

Seamus Hogan
University of Canterbury
Sufficient conditions for uniqueness of an oligopoly equilibrium : An Application to the New Zealand Electricity Market

November 18

Shaun Vahey
Reserve Bank of NZ
Over the Top!  WWI War Finance and its Aftermath

November 25

Stephen Kosempel
University of Guelph
Development and Long-run Growth in a Small Open Economy


December 2

Sir Clive Granger
University of California at San Diego
Risk: A decision maker's perspective

December 9

Hal White

University of California at San Diego 
Time-Series Estimation of the Effects of Natural Experiments