Emily Oakley 

Bachelor of Arts in English and Media and Communication

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English

Master of Business Management

Communications Advisor, Priority Communications Ltd

Launching her career as an advisor in marketing and public relations was kick-started for Emily through UC’s Master of Business Management (MBM) programme.

Emily had wanted to build on her previous studies in English and Media and Communication for more career possibilities, and found the MBM to be an ideal opportunity.

‘The MBM just seemed like a great option to build the skills I needed to help me along a career path that I’m excited about,’ she says. ‘I had always been interested in business, so after looking into the MBM programme it seemed like a perfect fit, and made sense as the next step for me.’

Being able to complete an internship experience in marketing, her preferred industry, was also an ideal way to learn applied skills before entering the workforce.

‘I like that the MBM has given me a diverse skillset that I can apply across a range of disciplines in future. It’s given me a fresh perspective on the day-to-day work I do as part of my current marketing based role, particularly when it comes to anything strategy based.’

Emily recalls the community within the programme as being one of her favourite aspects of studying at UC in particular.

‘It’s an environment where you can build great connections and friendships. A highlight of the MBM programme was being taught by an incredibly passionate group of lecturers. As well as bringing quality and fun to lectures, it was inspiring to hear from such an amazing team.’

As such, Emily highly endorses the programme for those wanting the ‘very best lecturers’ and industry experience during study.

‘It’s well worth it and you’ll never look back. The breadth of skills and knowledge you’ll be equipped with after graduating will be valuable in any career path. You’ll also get to meet a range of different people from various degree pathways which makes classes all the more interesting. It’s a great opportunity to build connections and make friends.’


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