Management Contacts


Business and Law
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 369 3888

Academic Staff

Anna Earl

Meremere 366
Internal Phone: 90289

Bernard Walker

Associate Professor
Meremere 334
Internal Phone: 93817

Colleen Mills

Meremere 224
Internal Phone: 95936

David Stiles

Associate Professor
Meremere 222
Internal Phone: 94155

Fleur Pawsey

Teaching Fellow
Meremere 343
Internal Phone: 90496

Herb de Vries

Associate Professor
Meremere 340
Internal Phone: 93725

Dr Matt Scobie

Internal Phone: 90945

Michaela Balzarova

Associate Professor
Meremere 225
Internal Phone: 93122

Nadeera Ranabahu

Meremere 366
Internal Phone: 90246

Paul Knott

Senior Lecturer
Meremere 227
Internal Phone: 93709

Qingqing Bi

Meremere 366
Internal Phone: 90294

Sanna Malinen

Associate Professor
Meremere 337
Internal Phone: 93787

Sarah Wright

Senior Lecturer
PhD Coordinator
Meremere 336
Internal Phone: 93762

Tyron Love

Senior Lecturer
Business and Law 226
Internal Phone: 94069

Administrative Staff

Irene Joseph

Business & Law Rm 206
Internal Phone: 93655

Adjunct Staff

Joanne Rosalie Stevenson

Business & Law Rm 348
Internal Phone: 92482

Robert David Kipp

Internal Phone: 95770

Thomas Matthews

Adjunct Fellow

Emeritus Professors

Bob Hamilton

Emeritus Professor
Meremere 344

Student Advisors

Malcolm Scott

Mema o te Kaunihera
Student Advisor
Meremere 210
Internal Phone: 93577

Tsun-En Meng

Student Advisor
Meremere 209
Internal Phone: 93654

Nicole Anfang

Postgraduate Student Advisor
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Meremere 209
Internal Phone: 92964