Information Systems Contacts

Information Systems

Business and Law
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 369 3888

Academic Staff

Annette Mills

Head of Department
Head of Department Accounting and Information Systems
Meremere 513
Internal Phone: 93831

Anushia Inthiran

Senior Lecturer
Meremere 406
Internal Phone: 94636

Constantine Zakkaroff

Senior Lecturer
Meremere 516
Internal Phone: 93879

Nelly Todorova

Senior Lecturer
Meremere 408
Internal Phone: 93775

Pan Zheng

Senior Lecturer
Meremere 514
Internal Phone: 90271

Stephen Wingreen

Associate Professor
Meremere 404
Internal Phone: 93975

Thilini Bhagya

Lecturer (Teaching and Administration)
Meremere 520D
Internal Phone: 90238

Administrative Staff 

Susan Brechin

Meremere 206
Internal Phone: 93611

Student Advisors

Malcolm Scott

Student Advisor
Meremere 209
Internal Phone: 93577

Tsun-En Meng

Student Advisor/Data Analyst
Meremere 209
Internal Phone: 93654

Abhik Gupta

Postgraduate student advisor
Meremere 210
Internal Phone: 91086