You don’t need a Digital Strategy

01 April 2022

MBA Director Elsamari Botha recently presented to members of the Institute of Directors on why companies don’t need “digital strategies”.

  • Elsamari IOD 2022

Businesses have been under increased pressure, accelerated by Covid-19, to “go digital”, adopt new technologies, and digitally transform. Yet many of these initiatives fail to meet expectations, and many fail.

Based on five years of research, a survey of over 600 Australasian companies, and a review of the application of AI technologies by global retailers, Elsamari presented the findings of her research showing that organisations shouldn’t focus on a separate digital strategy, but need a clear strategy, that’s enabled by technology, and puts people at the centre.

“Companies shouldn’t get caught up in the technology and how the technology can be retrofitted into the company strategy. They should instead focus on developing the right strategy, that is enabled by technology. So instead of asking, for example, “how can we use AI?”, companies should instead ask “how can we better utilize data to increase efficiencies in the supply chain?” or “how can we better utilize data to improve the customer experience”, says Dr Botha.

Digital Transformation and Technology Preparedness is a core course in the UC MBA, follow this link to find out more. The UC MBA focuses on teaching the leaders of tomorrow the new skills that they need in a transformed business context. With a heavy focus on industry engagement as a distinguishing feature of the recently revolutionised MBA programme, the programme ensures learning is directed toward real-world challenges.

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