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Over the last 100 years, business has become increasingly globalised with advances in trade, transport and technology. Today's graduates work around the world, interacting with suppliers, colleagues and clients from a range of different countries, cultures and religions.

At the UC Business School we are committed to preparing our students for successful careers in international business. We offer the opportunity to study business subjects in a truly multinational setting. Our students come from 70 different countries and every continent around the world. Our faculty are recruited internationally and have a global outlook. Our courses are benchmarked on the best in the world.

UC Business School is accredited internationally and has impressive international rankings.

In choosing UC Business School, you will benefit from a world-class business education, a stunning location in New Zealand’s beautiful South Island and the chance to interact with students and faculty from around the world.

Partner institutions

UC Business School has established agreements that enable students from these institutions to credit some of their coursework towards a University of Canterbury Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) or Master's programmes.

  • Zhongnan University of Economics and Law: Dual Master Degree: You do Masters-level coursework for 1.5 years at ZUEL. You then study for one year at the University of Canterbury (UC). After that, you return to ZUEL to write your thesis. When you are done, you have two Masters, one from ZUEL, and one from UC. It is a great way to enhance your ZUEL degree. The Master of Applied Finance and Economics (MAFE) degree from UC will give you overseas experience that will make you more competitive in the job market. MAFE courses are designed to give you practical skills for understanding and solving problems encountered in the world of economics and finance.
  • Capital University of Economics and Business: Multiple Degree Programme - (2.5+1+1MAFE): Undergraduate students study at CUEB for Semesters 1-5 (from September of student’s first year of university coursework to January of third year) successfully which is equivalent of 240 points of UC courses. They can study at UC for Semester 6 and 7 (from February of student’s third year of university coursework to November of student’s fourth year). The student will take 120 points of 300 and 200-level classes. Of these, 90 points must be at 300-level; and of these, 60 must be Finance. The student will receive a Bachelor of Commerce degree from UC upon the successful completion of their BCom requirements at UC. If the student obtains a GPA of B or better at UC and satisfies the minimum requirements for acceptance into the MAFE program, then they will be eligible to carry on to proceed to the “2.5+1+1”. The student will receive a Master of Applied Finance of Economics (MAFE) from UC upon the successful completion of their coursework at UC.
  • KYS Business School: New Zealand Chartered Accountancy Pathway Programme: This programme was established under the Collaboration Agreement between KYS International College Sdn Bhd (KYSIC) and the Consortium Universities (University of Canterbury, Victoria University of Wellington (VUW, the lead university), and University of Auckland) which was signed in December 2012. The objective of the programme is to assist Malaysia in addressing a projected 60,000 shortfall in qualified accountants by 2020. The programme provides for you to first study for two years in Malaysia (the two-year ‘Malaysian component’) in which you complete a foundation programme (year one) and then the equivalent of the first year of VUW’s BCom (year two). Students then transfer to one of the three Consortium Universities to complete the remaining two years of a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting (and meeting Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand (CA ANZ) requirements) (i.e. the two-year ‘NZ component’). The programme represents an accelerated pathway for students who have completed SPM (equivalent to ‘O’ levels) with high grades (generally all As).
  • Tianjin University: Double Bachelor of Commerce Degree Programme: After successfully completing 1.5 years of required undergraduate coursework at Tianjin University (TU), you can study at UC from 200-level. You will receive a BCom degree from UC upon the successful completion of two years' undergraduate coursework at UC. If you successfully complete all of TU’s graduation requirements, you will be eligible for a certificate of graduation and awarded the degree of Bachelor of Economics by TU.

New Zealand College of Business

NZCB Diploma in Business Administration graduates can receive a maximum of 60 points credited toward University of Canterbury's Bachelor of Commerce. This is equivalent to four 15-point courses or one semester of courses for a full-time student. The 100-level courses credited are:

  • ACCT 102 (core BCom course)
  • MSCI 110/Stat 101 (core BCom course)
  • MKTG 100
  • Unspecified 100-level Management Science (restricted against MSCI 220, MSCI 221, MSCI 270 and/or MSCI 271, that is Dip BA graduates cannot enrol in these 200-level courses. However, if they achieve a "B+" in Module 3 – Production and Operations Management they can advance to 300-level MSCI courses.)

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