Resources and Events for Teachers


The UC Business School outreach programme assists and supports New Zealand schools through events and activities. The current programme includes professional development for teachers and tailored events for individual classes.

The key aims of the programme are:

  • To encourage an appreciation of the business world
  • To emphasise the exciting career opportunities that tertiary level commerce provides
  • To support schools in teaching business
  • To develop future New Zealand's business leaders. 

Teachers' Professional Development

Designed to keep you up to date with the latest developments in business academics, industry practice and what UC has to offer.

2022 Opportunities:

On and Off-Campus Activities

Contact our Outreach Coordinator to develop a class activity for your school. Previously classes have included:

  • Business Simulation activity
  • Campus tour
  • Using Bloomberg in our Trading Room to understand links between companies and for research into a specific company
  • Expert speakers coming to your school to talk about a specified topic
  • Students experiencing what it is like to be a student with a lecture sit-in
  • Chocolate Stock Exchange.

Choose from several classroom activities or a range of classroom posters.

For all enquiries

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