Master of Business Management

Broaden your career options with a Master of Business Management (MBM). Our MBM is a generalist taught Master's that will equip you with key skills and expertise from multiple core business functions to give you increased commercial intelligence and oversight capability.

The MBM programme offers graduates and professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds the opportunity to gain essential competencies and knowledge for successful management within our global economy.

The MBM programme will allow you to gain traction across a wide variety of industries. By gaining an MBM you can expect to:

  • Be prepared for entry level commercial roles within the public and private sector including business analyst, project manager and management consultant.
  • Find management roles in areas reflective of your undergraduate studies or areas of previous employment.

Our MBM programme is ideal for recent graduates who are looking to increase their employability. It is also an excellent choice for professionals seeking to expand their skillset to complement a new, current or future role. MBM participants are typically:

  • Graduates from a non-commerce undergraduate discipline, and
  • Professionals in entry to mid-level roles from organisations of any size and sector.

Multiple entry qualifications offer you a number of study options depending on your professional career goals.*

Postgraduate Diploma in Business

8x Core Courses

120 points


Core Courses from the Postgraduate Diploma plus:

1x Elective

  • MBUS650 Business and Strategy
  • MBUS651 Business Development and Entrepreneurship

MBAZ680 Capstone Project or MBAZ681 Internship

180 points

1. Postgraduate Diploma in Business (PGDipBus)

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business consists of eight courses. These eight courses constitute the core courses for the MBM programme. The diploma takes eight months to complete full-time or can be completed in up to four years part-time.

Having satisfied all requirements for the Postgraduate Diploma with a B average or above, prior to graduating, you can apply to transfer to the MBM.

Duration: Part-time up to 4 years and at full-time study, it will take 8 months.

2. Master of Business Management (MBM)

In addition to the course requirements for the postgraduate diploma, by completing a further course and the capstone project or internship, you can graduate with the full MBM. The MBM takes 12 to 14 months to complete full-time.

The MBM gives you the flexibility to undertake additional study in either strategy or business development and entrepreneurship. Your project or internship can be undertaken with an industry or organisation that is of interest to you. However, you will be required to achieve at least a B average in all courses before being granted entry to the project or internship. Students who do not meet these criteria may apply to withdraw from the MBM programme and graduate with the diploma.

Durations: Part-time up to 4 years and at full-time time study it will take 12-14 months.

*In consultation, a personal course of study that differs from that outlined above can be completed, subject to the approval of the Dean of Commerce.

Combined Timetable 2019 -- Business Taught Masters

PLEASE NOTE: This timetable includes all BTM courses: MBIS, MBM, MFM, MPA, etc. You will need to identify which courses you will be attending each term (usually, but not always, three courses).

All lectures run Monday to Friday, between the times of 9:00 am and 8:00 pm. Each lecture occurs once a week for 10 weeks and is three hours long.


TERM ONE: Monday 28 January to Friday 5 April

(Download as pdf: BTM term 1 2019


9:00 am

Managerial Finance
Tutorial 1 (10-11am)
Rehua 702
Debra Reed & Jedrzej Bialowski 

Managerial Finance
Tutorial 2 (11am-12pm)
Rehua 702
Debra Reed & Jedrzej Bialowski

MBUS601 (2)
Rehua 702
Chris Chen 

Management of Information Systems
Rehua 702
Nelly Todorova

Managerial Accounting
Combined Lecture
E5 Lecture Theatre

Stream 1
Rehua 702
Oli Hille

Advanced Management Accounting
Rehua 620
Neil Crombie


12:00 pm






1:00 pm

MBUS601 (1)
Rehua 702
Chris Chen

Business and Technology
Rehua 620
Ravi Sharma

Professional Accounting Principles
Rehua 702
Catherine McMillan

MBAZ603 (2A)
Managerial Finance
Rehua 620
Debra Reed & Jedrzej Bialowski

Business Law
Rehua 702
Matthew Barber & Annick Masselot

MBAZ603 (1)
Managerial Finance
Rehua 620
Debra Reed & Jedrzej Bialowski

Systems Analysis and Process Modelling
E16 Lecture Theatre
Annette Mills

MBAZ603 (2B)
Managerial Finance
Rehua 620
Debra Reed & Jedrzej Bialowski

4:00 pm






5:00 pm

Business Economics
Rehua 005
Stephen Hickson



MBAZ601 (2)
Managerial Accounting
Rehua 620
Oli Hille




TERM TWO: Monday 22 April to Friday 28 June


TERM THREE: Monday 15 July to Friday 20 September


TERM FOUR: Monday 7 October to Friday 6 December

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