Business Taught Masters

Our range of Business Taught Masters (BTM) programmes provide you with an opportunity to diversify your knowledge by adding business skills and expertise to your existing degree. BTM qualifications are accessible to­­ students from any background and are delivered in a way that assumes you have no prior business knowledge or experience.

You can dive straight into a master’s degree straight away or choose from one of our shorter qualifications. Shorter qualifications provide professional development as well as a potential pathway into a master's qualification later on.


Shorter Qualifications

What to expect

The academic year is split into three terms. Each term is 12 weeks long, with a three-week break between terms. Each course runs for one term. While most classes occur during the day, some classes are held in the evening.

Student advice

A student advisor is available to discuss your study options. In order to make an appointment, please contact

Student stories