Business Taught Masters

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Our range of qualifications offer flexibility, different specialties and features that enable you to choose a programme that fits your career goals. If you are not ready to undertake a Master's our shorter qualifications will provide professional development as well as a pathway into a higher level qualification later on.

Employment opportunities

Our graduates have benefitted from high post-study employment and promotion rates. A large portion of our students receive a job offer within two months of completing their studies - many are offered jobs before graduation.

Time commitment and workload

The academic year runs from January to December and is split into four quarters (terms). Each term is eight to 10 weeks long with a two-week break. Each course will run for one term. Depending on your programme, courses will either be recurring each week or taught in block delivery. Your personalised programme of study will determine whether your courses are during the week or in the evenings and weekends.

As a full-time student, you can expect between nine and 12 hours contact time per week. Additional time will be required for independent study and to work on assessments. Time may also be required for workshops, tutorials and group meetings.


Our programmes are designed to be accessible for students from any background. The accounting and finance courses are taught at a level that assumes no prior knowledge or experience in these areas. Both courses have limited mathematical content to accommodate for students from a range of backgrounds. You are required to complete an online math refresher prior to the course.

Nicole Anfang

Student Advisor
Meremere Building 209
Internal Phone: 92964

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