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UC Business School | Te Kura Umanga postgraduate programmes have a strong emphasis on research-based teaching, producing graduates who undertake advanced research around the world. The School’s taught Master’s programmes equip graduates with the applied skills, knowledge and business acumen needed to transition into high-level business roles.

Our postgraduate students benefit from good supervision ratios, a focus on quality research, smaller classes and closer links with staff. The school’s reputation outside academia is reflected in the number of scholarships available for commerce students and there are also opportunities to become involved in tutoring.

Our range of Business Taught Masters programmes provide professional development for busy executives seeking to combine work and study.

Our flagship MBA programme is renowned as a platform for graduates capable of making significant contributions to the world of business and commerce. The programme benefits from the school’s strong external links and contributions from industry representatives and is accredited by the prestigious Association of MBAs (AMBA).

Postgraduate study represents a high level of academic achievement which is becoming more and more necessary in the ever-evolving business environment where graduates need a competitive edge.

Each year the University of Canterbury runs the Thesis in Three competition for postgraduate students. PhD and Master's students give a three-minute presentation to describe their thesis research with only a single PowerPoint slide permitted. The top three students from each college round go onto compete in the UC final.

If you're thinking about studying at postgraduate level, talk to our programme coordinators in the subject areas you are interested in pursuing. 

Our postgraduate student advisor can help you with your degree options, entry requirements and how to apply.

Nicole Anfang

Postgraduate Student Advisor
Meremere 209
Internal Phone: 92964

Stephen Hickson

Acting Director Business Taught Masters Programmes
Rehua 612
Internal Phone: 93743

Chris Vas

MBA Director
Rehua 613
Internal Phone: 90712

Gilbert Nartea

Associate Professor
MAFE Director
Meremere 431
Internal Phone: 90804

Warwick Anderson

Graduate Studies Coordinator - Finance
Meremere 403
Internal Phone: 93764

Andrea Menclova

Associate Professor
Graduate Studies Coordinator - Economics
Meremere 427
Internal Phone: 93739

Keith Dixon

Senior Lecturer
PhD coordinator, Accounting & Information Systems
Meremere 505
Internal Phone: 93844

Beverley Lord

Associate Professor
Honours/Master's coordinator Accounting & Information Systems
Meremere 507
Internal Phone: 93735

Sarah Wright

Senior Lecturer
PhD Coordinator, Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Meremere 336
Internal Phone: 93762

Ann-Marie Kennedy

Senior Lecturer
Masters Coordinator, Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Meremere 335
Internal Phone: 94602

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