UC Business School CQ Certificate

“In a world where crossing boundaries is routine, CQ becomes a vitally important aptitude and skill." -- Harvard Business Review

Te Kura Umanga | UC Business School students have many opportunities to participate in international and intercultural experiences as part of their studies; the purpose of the UC Business School CQ Certificate is to support students who participate in these experiences to maximise the benefits of this, guided by the concept of cultural intelligence (CQ).

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a person's capability to function effectively in culturally diverse situations. Graduates today will inevitably work in culturally diverse organisations and teams. Cultural diversity is associated with increased opportunities for innovation and other benefits, but also greater potential for misunderstanding and associated challenges; therefore, it is essential that students develop the capability to function effectively in culturally diverse situations.

  • Undertake a pre-experience CQ assessment, a globally recognised tool for assessing and improving CQ; and participate in a UC Business School CQ workshop following this, where you will be introduced to the key aspects of CQ and assisted in understanding the results of your assessment.
  • Submit, and receive feedback on, a report that sufficiently addresses questions related to the relevance of CQ, your strongest and weakest capabilities, and an action/s you could take in your study, work, or life to develop the capability you consider to be your weakest.
  • Complete an approved international or intercultural experience.
  • Identify a practice or taboo that is common or important in a country or culture linked to the experience you are undertaking that you think you would find challenging if you were working with, leading, being led by, or doing business with someone from that country or culture, and adequately address a series of questions related to the practice or taboo.
  • Undertake a post-experience CQ assessment and submit a final report that sufficiently addresses questions related to whether, and how, your understanding of the practice or taboo identified has changed over the course of the experience, critically reflect on your CQ development, and describe the main insights you have gained looking ahead.

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