Digital Transformation

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Businesses increasingly rely on digital tools and technologies to enhance productivity, improve customer experience and analyse data to support decision making. Those technologies are changing rapidly and it's critical that you adapt your business to the new digital world.

Technology can, quite literally, transform your business for the future; therefore it's critical to stay informed about the challenges and opportunities the acceleration of technology will bring. You must construct an appropriate strategy and action plans to adapt. If you don't, your competitors almost certainly will. 

This two-day intensive course will introduce you to the key elements to consider for your business context:

  • What are the key technology trends likely to affect your business, your industry, or your key customers?
  • How might you take advantage of rapidly changing technologies to adapt your firm for future success?
  • How can you develop your team to help them adapt to the rapidly changing world of work?
  • What might the future of your business look like?

Who is this course for?

This course is essential learning for any manager, team leader or C-level executive who wishes to gain an understanding of the challenges and opportunities of rapid technology change, mitigate risks and issues, and position their firm to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

This is an interactive workshop designed to ensure you have a solid understanding of the challenges and opportunities posed by technology change, arming you to multiple approaches to assess your digital maturity and identify the appropriate steps to either begin your digital journey, or realign your organisational priorities.

The course is structured to help you build a plan of action for your organisation, whatever your context.

Some content and pre-reading will be delivered online, which allows us to work through exercises in-person which build on your understanding, no matter what your starting point.

Two-Day Course Outline

Day 1

1. The drivers of technology change.

  • At the completion of this module, you will have a clear understanding of the key drivers of technology change, their potential impacts on your operations, and the opportunities available to any sized business.
  • Exponential technology change - the trends in key technologies and their impact.
  • How are these trends changing competitive tactics, or changing your customer expectations
  • The importance of technology to your future success.
  • What is different this time around?

2. Defining value from technology investments.

In this module, we look at how modern digital tools add value to your operations. This allows you to focus your efforts where they will have the best return, simply implementing new technologies isn't enough.

  • Understanding how technology adds value
  • Improving productivity, enhancing the customer experience, and driving better decisions through data
  • Technology isn't a silver bullet for your business issues!
  • Prioritising investments and planning for successful transformation

 3. Digital maturity

This module focuses on understanding your starting point, upon which you will build a plan to transform your organisation.

  • What is your current digital maturity?
  • Where are your key risks and issues to be resolved?
  • Where do your team fit in? What is their attitude towards technology?
  • How engaged are the board, executive and management team?

Day 2

4. Digital Strategy

Given the technology trends we've discussed, and their likely impact on your business planning horizons, this module will help you to identify the strategies used to transform your business and adapt for the future.

  • Assessing alternative strategies for success.
  • Learning from the digital first firms - what makes them successful?
  • Identifying core strategies for your context.

5. The Digital skills gap

It is increasingly clear that there is a significant skills gaps between current digital skills and understanding, and the likely future requirements. This is particularly concerning for boards and executive teams - their understanding of technology, their digital skills and the impact of that on business decision making is critical to your future success.

  • The future of work.
  • What skills will be needed for the future?
  • Recruiting, retaining and rewarding digital skills.
  • The future of careers and professions - adapting yourself.

6. Roadmapping your future success

This module will help you to plan the key elements of your transformation and construct a logical path towards transforming your business and successfully adapting it to the future.

  • Identifying the key elements of a plan in your context.
  • Where should you start first?
  • Building buy-in from your board and executive teams. 

Course dates

20 July and 21 July 2021


Ilam campus, University of Canterbury


Two-day course: $2090 (including GST).

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